Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Bank Holiday Week End Shows

I guess most of us involved with the breed where absolutely delighted to see the Beautiful Lararth Ritzy gain her third CC and win the group in Scotland on Sunday. It actually did make us realise that there was support for the international GSD within the "British" Kennel Club. There is no doubt that the method of handling and showing at breed and Champ shows could be derogatory to our type in the public eye and therefore did need addressing. They are an intelligent breed, hopefully for those who want to continue doing KC shows and breed rallies they can be trained to show in both styles!
Sadly a dampener was put on things on Monday, well locally anyway. When an exhibitor never seen at an open show in this area before travels over 200 miles it kind of gives you a sick feeling, especially when you kind of knew before hand that it was a done deal! (but of course naming no names I thought it would be the Strange one!) Being honest I didn't go because I simply wasn't well enough to go, I would have liked to have seen it all come together. I would also have like to support the hard working committee as this is none of their doing. Well the plan came together, it went BOB, Group 1 and BIS .. and yes obviously I have a problem with that.
The fact that it's not my type of dog is really only part of the issue here. For the life of me I can't see how a dog that is long in body, with a dippy back and over angulated can do a days work. The character of this breeding line is also called to question, nervous, windy, jumpy, call it what you like it's not what the breed should be. But my main issue is this man's unethical breeding practices, he does not health test his breeding stock. He continues to line breed onto epileptic lines, and he doesn't see the problem with that? To me and others on both sides of this breed .. this is a fecking disaster!!!
He has never made any effort to hide his contempt towards us and our dogs. It's well know that he calls us "The Dark Side." Kind of funny really when almost all of the international type are health and DNA tested.
Well of course it all kicked off on social media with a tongue in cheek comment escalating to unnecessary remarks and a huge row. To be fair the referance to the dog being an "Alsatian" and not a GSD was simply honest. The owners calls his own dogs Alsatians so that could not in anyway be offensive but some of the remarks that followed maybe should have been kept to private messages or at least personal pages, and not posted on a club page .. after all, everyone has friends and his friends fought fire with fire and one was equally offensive in her defense of him. Maybe when things cool down a discussion about health tests with these people could be the way forward.
This breed is struggling in and outside the ring, so how can the KC be seen to be promoting/registering puppies from parents that have not been health tested? Hip and elbow dysplasia in some severity are chronically painful conditions, but usually are manageable with care and pain relief. Epilepsy is far more difficult to manage and Haemophilia A is a disaster, but with males blood tested with a cost of about £50 all the progeny he produces should theoretically by clear. But this man breeds regularly and does nothing to safe guard the pups, no health tests at all .. Oh sorry I forget, his Alsatians must free from any hereditary defects .. I think not!
I hasten to add .. this is NOT the dog in question, this is my photo so I can use it without any hassle!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Mountain and Ocean

 The Nantlle Ridge behind Loki and Sammi 
 Ziva, Asha and Tali on Cilgwyn Mountain
 Asha in the bad books today .. she bulldozed into Tali knocker her flying, took her ball and ran. Poor Tali was a crumpled heap on the floor, no respect from the daughter and I guess Tali maybe not as strong as she once was. I can't see anyone else getting away with it but her beloved daughter did!
Finlay, Jezi and Nico with the Irish sea behind them
Sammi and Loki back on form

Monday, 29 August 2016

Just A Short Evening Walk

Another Dog Show Day ..

Me and my bunny recovering at Walton
 .. But I'm not going. I am beyond shattered and I have to be sensible, apparently!!! I guess aiming for 4 shows in 10 days was a little optimistic, but we can but try. Even at night I have been waking up and reliving the events of 12 months ago, where was I a year ago to this hour? What was I doing now? Even seeing the faces of the people who were around me at the time. I don't know if it's a healthy thing to do or not, but it's not distressing me and maybe, just maybe when we get to the 15th of September I will be able to at least partly close a door on past events. I can't imagine these memories will be anywhere as vivid in a years time!
Handsome Loki 
Last night I spoke to a friend about Loki and this cage issue. She is someone who I know will see it as it is without humanising the situation. She too feels that Loki is unsure of using the crate as it's Mikey's space and has suggested I leave both crates open for him for a couple of weeks. This morning he ate half his breakfast in the smaller crate, but I then had to take him into the kitchen as Jamie had clocked the open door. I know Loki would let him eat the food, and I know Jamie would eat it .. all of it!
To be honest unless there is a bitch in season there is never any need to shut Loki in, well we never do. He's never destructive and leaves the cats to do their own thing at night. But I feel sad that he is loosing the security of his crate as he loved it so much. I never want their crates to be anything other than a place of safety and security, never a place of punishment and unrest. But I do need him to move out of the small crate .. I do hopefully have future plans for it!
RIP Dear Bo 
There has been some really upsetting news posted online last night. Bo, the sable bitch that was planned to be the mother of my pup in 2018 has died. She got into difficulties giving birth and had an emergency cesarean, which sadly she did not wake up from. Her owners have 3 large health pups to hand rear ... but are heartbroken at the loss of Bo. This is the second case I've heard of a bitch dying having had an emergency cesarean in the last few weeks, both with small litters of pups that have grown so large in the uterus that the bitch can not give birth naturally. Just devastating for all concerned .. and the timing has frightened the life out of me!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Tali and Loki

The old and the young messing about - all on her terms of course, and then she bit him!
Nothing new there then.
 Photos taken with the phone - Damn I wish I'd had  my camera
Happy Morning

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Anglesey C.S

Well it's 12 months ago to the day that I was in the show ring at Anglesey show with my beautiful Angel, Sammi Belle .. she just taken Best Of Breed and my head went bang! It's been one hell of a year ... But I celebrated life and the anniversary by going to Anglesey dog show!
Another dog show, and another disappointing day for me and mine. Loki showed well, I couldn't really complain at all about his performance today, but the judge obviously had other plans! Asha was a bit of a handful for Ian, but this time the judge complimented her on her spirit and performance. She was second to the BOB winner, again no reason to complain. Sadly there are no photos as there was no one about to ask. Disappointing, but I'm sure we'll make up for it another day.
I did wonder if  I was at fault exhibiting Loki this week when he's a bit on the lean side. Getting him to eat is currently a problem, I think maybe it's a bad new habit that has started during Sammi's season. He also has issues with his new sleeping/eating place which may not be helping. Loki is a rather large boy, easily the tallest dog who's been here since Kai, and to be honest he out grew his crate a while back. But when a dog loves his crate it's hard to not let them use it, it was easily sorted, we left it up we just never closed it. Recent events left a very large crate available and we thought it was now more practical for Loki to use the larger crate .. but he thinks not! We've closed the smaller crate so he can't get in, and have been trying to get him to use the larger one by feeding him and giving him treats in it. But instead of taking to the new large crate he's totally thrown his toys out of the pram. He won't eat in the crate, even if I lock him in with it he totally blanks the food, but if I take him and the food out of the crate he eats! At night I throw his bonio into the crate, he goes to get it carries it across the room and eats it else where. All very odd .. again I wish I could ask him what the problem is. I guess we'll never really know, but maybe he still considers it Mikey's personal space and out of respect wants to keep out?

Friday, 26 August 2016

Yesterday's Almost Disaster - Part 2

During the walk yesterday Sammi reacted strangely to something around her face. It was obviously causing her distress and on quick inspection we found something in her mouth and got it out. But was it a wasp, a bee a hoverfly or a hornet? Hell I didn't know but from what I briefly saw as I scooped it out of her mouth I thought it was a wasp.
Anyway there was no swelling and no adverse reaction so it seems whatever it was it didn't manage to sting her. This morning I decided to look online to see if with hindsight I could identify the culprit, and from this rather amusing photo and description I still think it was a wasp. I have also googled "Hoverfly" .. actually we have a lot of those here in the back garden.
 My conclusion is that I still think my Angel had a lucky run in with a wasp! 
“ URL:
“ The Difference Between Bees, Wasps, and Hornets
” ”

Yesterday's Almost Disaster

This was my post on Facebook ...
"Well I'm all of a tremble ... been ignoring some grumbling in the next room for about 20 mins, thought Nico and Jezi where messing about. Just decided I should check .. OMFG ... Ziva was in there with her sister Jezi. Can't believe how careless I was to make that mistake and can't believe it wasn't a full blown fight. Too early for a drink to calm my nerves? ....... All ok thanks luck I guess .. just can't believe no fight, proud of both really, especially Jezi."
When sister where friends
With Mummy Asha and her pig 
Well how was I so careless? I guess the only conclusion I can come too is, that as I didn't shut the baby gate Ziva went out into the front garden instead of into the yard at the back, as she should have done and has done for years. I'm not blaming the dog, it was me who didn't close the baby gate and me who didn't realise for close on 20 mins that we were a dog short in the living room. Distracted by  hanging the washing out and looking on Facebook it was only the low growling that made me realise something was a miss. What could have happened is scary, thankfully it didn't, but I wouldn't like to try it again!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Today's Posing Pics

 The Angel in the heather - stunning isn't it!  
 Loki and his reflection
 A generation gap Sammi and Tali
 Sammi, Loki and Tali
Lovely one of Tali

Stuck Up A Tree

Look where the little shit is now! And yes I had to help Mr adventurous down!
Oh my I think we have a handful!


Sure was a lovely day under our new brolly with my kids and great friends at Meroneth yesterday. I was truly touched by the kindness of a friend, some people are just wonderful. It was a tad hot for me at times yesterday. The "Blaniks" where not to the judges liking and I did consider whether it was wrong of me to be showing Asha in breed classes when the judges opening statement was "Well you're no longer a Spring Chicken are you!" I take it she did mean Asha!!! Still she stood well, moved brilliantly had lots to eat and enjoyed her day, so sod it eh!
With Bella in season and in the ring I had a tough time with Loki. The Anti season smelling stuff sure didn't work and I was unable to get anything out of my boy! Ian felt awful, but lesson learned we gave it a go and we won't do it again! Anyway after sabotaging my boy (joke!!!) I was pleased to see Bella go on to be Best of Breed and get her name on the shield next to Loki's from last year!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Little Guy

Helping(!!!) with cutting the grass

That Bone

Poor Sammi should know that if you leave it you loose it here! Ah well she soon got it back off Granny Asha  
Guess it's a good thing Junior is on the top otherwise the box may collapse!
Unkind? yeah but I can say it, You can't!  Jamie's mine 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Nico and Kia Kids

Top photo Celt from the first litter with a couple from the second litter on a "get together." 
Second photo, Homeless Harriet with Lola
and the bottom photo, 2 Sables one from each litter
Rufus and Margo.

Ooops Almost Forgot

The two with their 1st prize cards from WKC - 
Asha not that proud of her best veteran rosette and had to be bribed with a biscuit to pose
Loki as ever the poser!
Love my new throws from the show. Hadn't realised they were that large or that nice or I would have got three do do all the "seats" I was expecting to use them for the dog beds in the living room only. 

Do We Forget ..

.. How much of a handful a little guy can be? Or is this one just more of a handful? I don't remember this lunacy from Riley and Junior, they were both a tad more sedate ... and Isla was of course much older when she joined us, but I guess Jamie was off his head! I'm not complaining, it's just an observation. Jimmy is great fun and he's met his match in Jamie who loves to play with him, as does Junior.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show

Well there are dog shows, and there are DOG SHOWS! WKC 2016, not one I will ever forget, but maybe not for the right reasons! Loved the principal winners, 2 of my favourite bitches ... but the road to getting there was sure an odd one. I was very proud of my two who both came home with a red card, a rarity on the day I think! Loki was first in his class, the judge withheld second place and gave the next dog a third and would not reassess the other dog as he had already withheld it from any place in a previous class because of it's bad character. (Fair enough in my book!)
Asha stood alone in veteran bitch but was given a red card and then went on to beat the Champion Male for best Veteran in breed. The girl did me proud!
The Russian judge withheld in several classes, without good reason. 6 times - only one mentioned earlier was justified. Once he realised he could do it he even requested to go back and remove a place he had already given! I don't think he understood the British KC rules on withholding a place, so maybe his stewards should have made it more clear?
With both "types" present one thing I will say about yesterday was that the atmosphere ring side was lovely. Be it brought on by confusion or not I'll never know, but the applause, cheering and support for our type of dog was great. Why the "English" exhibits where there I'll never know, why would they think a Russian would promote a type of dog only seen in the UK, and then in a minority?  From a personal point of view I also enjoyed showing my own dogs again. The new rules made it easier for me I guess in some ways, though I did not and will not stand my dogs four square!
I was disappointed for Ian with Bella who was pulled out first but then presented with a second prize cards as first was withheld. The judges reasons, Bella has a light eye and poor nose pigment, otherwise he explained, "a beautiful bitch!" Well yeah we know she has these faults, but hell, that's not enough to withhold the first place, these are not faults that would be detrimental to her working ability! I was so sorry for Ian, who was obviously disheartened, this would have meant more to him than that man could ever know. His first show bitch .. cruel and unnecessary I think, but Ian did not stand alone yesterday, it happened to the best of them and for no good reason!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Caught Out Again!

But this time not by cattle, just by the hot sun

I'm sure had anyone been watching me and the girls coming back from Llyn Cop yesterday they would have found it hilarious, not so for me at the time. It's a bit scary that 12 huge cattle could have remained out of sight to us earlier. As I came back on the bottom path I saw them in the dip by the school wall and knew that if I stayed on that path they would see me, and if they were on the move they could easily get back towards the van before me. I felt I had no choice but to scale down the quarry wall and go cross country. Thankfully Tali is still pretty damn fit and we got down without any problems. By now it was boiling hot and I raced cross country back to the van, Tali? Where the feck was Tali? No surprises she'd gone the other way! I felt there was no point shouting, she was out of her hearing distance and by now gorging on sheep shit she'd take no notice anyway .. and what if the cattle heard? There was no choice, I had to go back for her. Hot, annoyed and scared I put her on the lead and marched her cross country back to the van .. I swear I could hear her objections as she was partly dragged back - Tali doesn't do leads! 
Steve said I looked like a tomato when I got home! 
So today I'd done my slow plod with Nico, Jezi and Finlay . The weather was warm, but breezy and the the sun stayed hidden behind the cloud. I set off on walk two with Ziva and Loki and realised quite quickly that it was now becoming warm ... bloody hell it got so hot, and someone switched the breeze off. No sun cream for me and no ditches or lakes for the dogs! Just goes to prove how quickly the weather can change and how we should be more prepared! Not a lover of heat anyway I was glad of the cloud cover again for walk three.