Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Tabby Guys

 Jamie and Junior
Jimmy and Jamie
The three are so close, well, Jimmy and Junior are close to Jamie and maybe just put up with each other. To be fair the boys all get on quite well, with the odd spat between Oliver and Jamie only. Little Billy bothers no one and he too will play occasionally with Jamie, though maybe Jamie forces the games upon him. The Princess (Isla) very much does her own thing and I've only ever seen her interact with Junior. As for Tia? Well, they all either hate her or fear her, all her own doing I'm afraid, and I'm not afraid to admit that mostly I fear her! 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Just Beautiful

Beautiful view, beautiful colours and of course beautiful Blaniks! 
Kaiah in a ditch
Kaiah and Tali on route to Llyn Cop
Just a puddle? Well almost a lake
If you can't see Jezi, just look for Nico, he's looking at her!

Before The Snow

Three lovely walks, lots of photos of the guys having fun in my album on Facebook. 
At lunch time it snowed for a good hour and I snoozed whilst these rested after their morning expeditions. I had plans to go out into the field in the afternoon and play in the snow - but now there's not a fecking flake left! Gutted!!!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Kyle On His Morning Walk

God look at the head on him!
Looking forward to seeing him this week, It will be the first time since he left. We'd been desperate to visit him, but felt keeping away for a few weeks was the right thing to do by the boy and his new family.
Iris says he's mischievous, like a puppy should be, great fun and has a sweet nature. "One day last week he stole a jam sandwich .. ate it all and enjoyed it too!" Yesterday he knocked a vase of flowers over, there was water everywhere. But not content with that he went sliding through it all, just to make sure he made as much mess as possible. The joys of owning a puppy!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Three Pups Today

Kyle and Kaiah 

I Don't Believe it!

Wind, rain and niwl (Mist or fog??? I never know) No one quite believes that we are only going to the gate .. come on guys at least you all got out,
 .. and no more pics as I don't want to risk my camera!
 Kaiah has never been beyond the gate, the day will soon come.
 Tali's not impressed - "open the fecking gate!"
Damn, damp lens, Pics a bit blurred
Steve was not best pleased when I announced that I was off out with the troops today. He said I was bloody nuts and would get soaked. I have tried to explain to him that sitting here does little for my delicate head, going out, walking helps me. Of course I wouldn't get wet, I have a waterproof coat, trousers and new boots, only my face would get wet!  Ok I confess I found out today that my old faithful coat is no longer waterproof and the water somehow managed to run up my sleeves, I was damp up to my elbows. My best waterproof trousers where in the wash and this lighter pair didn't take the strain so my jeans were also damp, and I slipped on a bank and ended up on my knee in a puddle .. on the plus side my feet were dry and warm!!!

Friday, 24 February 2017

Blanik Jeevana

Kaiah Out Today
Love this photo of my beautiful baby
Watching Loki
she not much of a water baby so when she slipped in she was not amused!

Day After Doris

Thursday, 23 February 2017

George Michael Tribute (Brits Awards 2017)


Well I'm not afraid to admit that last nights Brits had me bawling my heart out. I didn't watch it as it first aired but watching others comment about it on social media set me off before I saw a thing. Anyway with the living room and TV to myself before bed I watched and cried. Chris Martin did a reasonable job but did miss a few vital notes, hearing George then made me realise that no one can sing "George" like George. Still I thank Chris Martin for doing what must have been an impossible job. My heart went out to Pepsi and Shirley who both struggled with emotion, Andrew was more composed but he too struggled.
 I've said very little about George on my page these last few weeks, I found it easier not too. Even now some find it amusing to ridicule what they don't understand, and right now I couldn't take it and would probably say or do something I may regret later. I've made some wonderful friends because of George, shared some wonderful times, memories I will treasure. He helped me through the bad times and now without him I feel an emptiness that I can not fulfill. As yet I have not listened to a single CD or watched a single George video. The only song I've heard was on the radio and that was painful enough .. so last night I guess a lot of bottled up emotion came flooding out. A "George Michael Tribute?" It just didn't seem real, it was heartbreaking!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Three Have Fun On The Mountain

Tali Update

Really pleased to report that Tali is currently doing well on her posh diet! She is still getting 2 meals of the Fishmongers White Fish And Potato Food and 2 meals of either potato or pasta with freshly cooked white fish. (I get a bag of six fillets in tesco for £1.90 - we use less than 2 bags a week) I have been adding a small handful of the Arden Grange White Fish And Potato to all 4 meals and there has been no adverse reaction so I will now bite the bullet and buy her a 12kg bag. She has only had diarrhea once since starting this new regime and that was with 24hrs of getting a "denta stick." No more of them for Tali then. Tali was initially taken off all her supplements but I have now added the No Ake back to her food as I feel it helps her mobility, don't get me wrong she's not struggling but at 12 a little help goes a long way ... Anyway here's hoping it doesn't cause digestion problem!

Monday, 20 February 2017

A Walk In The Park

With no one around to supervise me today Steve decided he would come to the park with me! Actually it was lovely to be together and an ideal little walk for young and old together. (I mean the dogs!!!) Maybe tomorrow Mr S will be brave enough to let me go it alone!!!
 Tali and Kaiah
 Kaiah is up hill ... honest!
Oh Tali!!!!

New Boots

Great time of year to buy walking boots as they are usually on sale. The Merelle boots where so comfortable but when the third pair started leaking I gave up.(I sent the first two pairs back) I will wear them in dry weather as they must be the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever had. I don't think I'm asking a lot, I just want a pair of waterproof, comfortable, warm boots that can withstand a couple of hours walking on reasonable terrain daily. I have a pair of Gola walking boots which so far are doing well and were less than half the price of the Merelle boots .. and also some Karrimore walking boots which were cheap, and are Ok, but they are what I paid for them. I don't mind paying a little extra, but I won't be hundreds for a pair either (The original Merrell were £88 - I had never paid that much for boots till then!)
So meet the new boots "Northwest Territory  - LADIES PEAK LACE UP PREMIUM LEATHER UPPER WATERPROOF WALKING/HIKING TREKKING BOOT." With £25 off of course making them too less than half price of the Merrell boots! Here's hoping, but just incase ... I'm keeping the box, if I can get it back off Jamie of course!!!

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Everyone knows my heart was set on an Ole Von Pendler daughter. He is without doubt one of the most beautiful males I've seen in years. He has a lovely temperament, is constructionally totally unexaggerated with free flowing movement. He has the most beautiful dark head and eye with a melting expression.
But it was not to be ... but you know what? 
I'm dead chuffed with my little bottle of red wine! 

Try And Try Again

First Attempt
Try Again
Got it
And She's Gone ...
Steve took me and the youngsters into town this morning where I was met by Ian who came with me for my first walk. It was my intention to go to the park, but eventually I followed my heart down to the river. I do love it there. Yes I'm knackered but I needed it and it was well worth it. 

Bright Spark

The first time it happened I thought, I can't have shut it properly, the second time I still doubted myself, but after the third time the penny dropped, 4 month old Kaiah is keeping up family traditions and can now open the door and let herself back in! The youngest yet I think!
She's really smitten with her £1.00 duck from the baby's stuff in Tesco. We really wanted an early night last night, she wanted to play with duck!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Orange Bag

Well I've had it for few weeks now and I'm chuffed to bits with it. Haha, no I'm not getting girly just practical. For people with a lot of animals and a lot of bedding to wash who can't afford, or have no space for a second washing machine it's just one of the best ideas. My washing machine is clean, my clothes are clean and the animal bedding is clean! I got the largest size at £8.99 - so far well worth it! Click on "Orange bag" below for details ...
Orange Bag

Friday, 17 February 2017

Tippy Tail Has Gone

Baby Kaiah showing off her white tip tail
With Kaiah's new coat comes new colours and the tip of her tail is now black. 
Hard to imagine it was that white isn't it, but I knew it would fade, it was just when! 

Glad That's Over

Yesterday was a very strange experience, not as bad as I expected but still not pleasant. I know I can be smutty, almost vulgar in my humor but I'm still quite a self conscious person and being exposed as I was yesterday is something I struggle with. Still it had to be done and the brain angiogram was not painful at all, just flashing lights in my head and a bad taste in my mouth.
During the procedure I had the opportunity to talk to and thank my Consultant for saving my life, his reply was very touching .. "No need to thank me Rhian, I consider it a privileged to be able to do what I do." Where would we be without people like him and his team at that fantastic hospital eh? Anyway he was pleased with the stent and coiling and said that really all I need now is a few MRI's over the next few years. He pointed out that I may have to live with the headaches, the fatigue, the puddled memory and the people who just don't get it because they can't see the scars; but as I told him it is usually easier to tell people that your "fine" than try and explain, he didn't agree!
Thank you so much to the 4 lots of family/friends who got me there and back yesterday .. over to you for TLC now MR S.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

GSD Best in Show In America's Crufts!

My dislike of extremes in the GSD are well documented. The "American" style of dog being one of the worst I've ever seen. But OMG what has happened here? This is a pretty nice bitch with a happy bubbly character. She is also shown sympathetically on a loose collar and extended lead. It seems like someone has seen the light!
This is more what we are use to seeing in the American Show Ring.  Swan Necks, straight fronts, ski slope backs and over angulated rear ends. And lets not forget the cheese wire chains they are show on which are held high under the chin and behind the ears. 

Dog Club

Ring Craft in Pentrefelin went well again last night, Kaiah's really getting it now, but of course what do you expect when she has an Angel for a mother! An observation from last night is that she really is a "people person" she loves the people (and their treats) but as regards to their dogs, well she can take them or leave them. She doesn't really want to socialise and play but she doesn't have a problem with them ... just indifference!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

After The Wind We All Got Out

 Not The Best But The Only One I Got
Tali, Loki, Kaiah
Ziva, Asha. Sammi and Loki 
Nico and Jezi getting impatient! 
Kaiah - Just look at the concentration .. Yes I had treats!

Beautiful Kyle

The boy is looking great - So handsome. 
We miss him so much but know he has the perfect life.