Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Happy To Be Back Together

Loki, Asha, Sammi, Ziva, Mikey, Tali
Jezi, Nico, Finlay
Photos That Made Me Smile! 
 Mikey - Ever the clown
Tali - watching from a distance - thank god for a great zoom lens! 

More Of Nico At Blackpool

These shots taken by Bethan at Blackpool! 

Pool Party

I guess Sammi's puppy pool is a tad small for 10 month old Loki!!!
He likes it though

Monday, 29 June 2015

Look At These - Part 2

Blanik Ivana

.. and there's more to come! 

Look At These - Part One

Conbhairean Danko Of Blanik

First Blackpool Post

Sammi in the ring 

Stills taken from a video of Sammi's individual yesterday. 
She qualified for Crufts (not that we'll go!) and I could ask no more of her! 
As I couldn't take photos I'm looking forward to other people's photos and videos online. 
I hope some will be special!!!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Jezi and Sammi

Well whatever it was that got their knickers in a knot is now over and done with. Without any intervention from us peace has been restored! I guess it was hormonal, Sammi had been behaving oddly for a couple of weeks before her season really. Anyway both in season together and all the vibes flying about from the other bitches towards Jezi could have influenced Sammi Belle, just a few more days and it will all be over.... till Ziva comes in season!
Nico is still sleeping in the bedroom, it's the only way we can keep him calm and quiet. Mikey is still throwing his food about and he and Loki are getting that desperate they are thinking of bonking each other!!!! Happy Days ... lol

Friday, 26 June 2015


Well I've removed the cars and moved them a little closer together. 
Looks ok I think! 
Father and daughter challenging for BOB
Nico and Sammi 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Blanik Ivana

Sammi Rosettes From Her First 12 Months In The Ring...
 we now need another board!
 Photos from her first show as a MPB and her last Junior class win (With BOB) So proud of you baby girl. (Conbhairean Danko Of Blanik x Blanik Hippy)


We Have Done It Before In Cheshire

Tali BOB, Louis Best Male and RBOB and Asha Best Puppy 
Sammi BOB, Nico Best Male and RBOB and Loki Best Puppy

Well What A Bloody Day ...

Cheshire Counties
Loki - 1st in Puppy 
Sammi - 1st in Junior
Nico - 1st in Open Dog
 Sammi winning BOB 
I was and am so proud of my kids. Yesterday I took 3 dogs with me and won 3 of the 6 classes then we came away with the 3 highest honors in the breed rings.  
Sammi - Best Of Breed
Nico - Best Male and Reserve Best Of Breed
Loki - Best Puppy In Breed And Puppy Group 3

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


A bath and a blast for all three and here's hoping we make it to the show tomorrow! 
Thanks you two for helping me today. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Loki's Been To The Vet

Well it could only happen to one of ours ... Loki has had an allergic reaction to the ear cleaner I used on him over the weekend, and not just any "off the shelf" ear cleaner either, but the one I got for him from the vets on Saturday! (and have used with several different dogs over the years!) Poor boys ears are still red and inflamed! He's had medicated drops and piriton to hopefully settle things down.
On the way out under the supervision of the mother he said hi to a baby who was in his mother's arms (Yes a human one!!!). I was so proud of him, gentle and kind, but then I was soon deflated as a middle aged woman dived backwards as she saw him coming out through the door. Silly bloody woman!

Sisters - Well Half Anyway

PG (2) 1 Turner’s Tuna Com, 8 months bitch, free from exaggerations. Once settled alert & keen, clean head, muzzle strong, chest deep for age, covering the ground on the move. BP; 2 Stanley’s Lokean of Blanik.
O (3,2) 1 Stanley’s Blanik Invana, 18 months bitch, correctly proportioned, permitting great strength. Clean head, wedge shape, powerful muzzle. Neck strong & muscled. Ribs well formed & long. Correct angles, well laid shoulders. BOB.

To Quote David Essex From 1985

"Hell I Am In Hell!"
Yesterday's walks were very easy and very pleasant. Though I did have to go three times and then take Jezi around the field. Having a bitch from each pack in season is quite hard work. Thank god we got the kennels sorted for the builders, they are a great help to us now. (now I have an image of the builders locked in the kennels .. lol... well I know what I was trying to say!) Anyway on the walk I did stumble on rough ground and felt a muscle twinge in my lower back, unfortunately in the same place as I'd had a lot of bother with over Xmas. I thought very little of it and continued on my walk. By the evening it was starting to bother me, and now I'm really struggling. I think what made it worse was that Steve woke me up not long after we had gone to bed to say Nico was whingeing. Woken from a deep sleep I jumped up and then froze with the pain ...
Finlay, Nico and Jezi - always together
So let's start with Nico .. Jezi is in season, and that causing him great frustration. He just wouldn't settle last night and was thrashing around in his crate screaming. I got up twice and threatened him with castration, but to no avail. To be honest I'm more worried about the dog being stressed and the risk of torsion than I am about lack of sleep. As I said I fell asleep, but the noise continued, and Steve woke me up. I decided to put Finlay in the living room and bring Nico to the bedroom. After a few false starts he did settle, but now I was in pain and couldn't sleep so I got up to take pain killers and make myself a hot water bottle and Nico decided he'd come with me to help! Eventually we all got some sleep.
Loki and Mikey
So Jezi and Sammi are in the kennels this morning. Sammi has decided that her mother and Auntie Danni are right and that Jezi is not someone to try and get on with. She's been snarling and growling at her. Why? I've no idea, there has never been a problem between them before! Though they don't really interact at home they were at a show together only a few weeks ago, but now I wouldn't put them anywhere near each other, and to be fair it is Sammi being a cow! Maybe it's all hormonal?
Loki is in love with Sammi, but being good and eating his food. Mikey on the other hand is doing what he always does when we have a bitch in season and throwing his bowl of food. He really annoys me, if you don't want it, just leave it, Oh no, the food, bowl and all get's thrown in whatever direction takes his fancy! Asha is usually quite pleased to help clear the mess, but Ziva is not interested in his sexual advances and is telling him plainly and clearly to bog off! Anyway back to Loki, I have had to make a vet appointment for him this afternoon. On Saturday I collected ear cleaner for him, his ears where mucky, but not red, sore or really bothering him. After putting the stuff in over the weekend his ears a red and obviously sore as he's shaking his head ... poor little legs hasn't been to the vets since he had his jabs.
Ziva and Sammi 
I have two shows coming up this week. Cheshire Counties and Blackpool Ch show. Sammi is entered at both .. and yes will be going! I've never shown a bitch in season before, but there is no rule that says you can't and every other bugger does so sod it. I've paid a lot of money to enter her so if I'm going she's going! But then comes the next problem, Mark's not sure he can make it to Cheshire and is definitely not doing Blackpool. Unless I feel a lot better I would never be able to handle all three, so without him there is no point in going to Cheshire! I was at my wit's end about Blackpool too, but luckily last night I got sorted, a Champ show and no handler these days is a waste of time. I message Nico's breeder and she offered to take Sammi in for me, as well as that she organised a handler for Nico for me .. a great weight off my mind.
So now the builders are here again, well I guess these guys are checking on the work done outside. 9 dogs are barking, 4 cats have left home and Jamie and Tia are sleeping through it all... "Hell I am in hell, hell burns dreams hell I am in hell ......." from the stage show Mutiny which I had the pleasure of seeing with David Essex and  Frank Finlay in 1985/6!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Darling Danni

Precious precious girl 
So nice to see you so happy

Just Walking The Dogs

Four Generations
Tali, Asha, Ziva and Sammi
Loki and Mikey
 Finlay and Nico
Jezi - Sadly Confined To Barracks 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Boys In Training ...

Loki - Stood By Paula
and breeder Ian gaiting him round 

 Nico with Ian, and yes I did something
Me with Nico!

The Old Man

Finlay isn't doing too great at the moment. We had a spell last week where he was sick three nights in a row and then he went off his food. Just as we thought he needs to see a vet he started eating again. But recently something is different, he's off his food and generally eats one of his two meals a day. As he hasn't been eating as well for quite a while he's lost some weight, (which isn't a bad thing!)  and he seems to prefers to go to bed than be with the others. As he's quite full of himself in the field I'm not sitting here thinking "OMG he needs a vet." But I sadly do feel that now he's become an old dog who needs some extra TLC. So my first plan of action has come into force today, I've bought some Butches Tripe to mix into his food. Not something I would recommend with a young healthy dog, but something I also did with Kiri as she was getting older. Sometimes with oldies rules need to be broken don't they!
I do hate to see them getting old. The breed average lifespan is 9 and a half, scary really when Finlay is a minimum of 12 years and Tali is 10 and a half. Shit, Asha and Mikey will be 7 yrs next month ... and that makes them veterans! Though it is on my mind I will not be dwelling on it ... over the years I have learned to enjoy everyday with them. Life is too precious to worry about what will or may happen, We just have to deal with that when or if it does happen!