Wednesday, 28 February 2018

I Love Snow, but ..

...  I thought my days of carrying bags of bottles of water whilst dragging a bag of logs tide to my waist with a dog lead up and icy snowy track and was over. But it seems due to the adverse weather conditions there was no other option ... My main worry is that the coal man is not sure he'll get here tomorrow, but he'll give it a go. We've got plenty of food in and will cope with outside water butts and bottled water now, but there's no way we could get coal up here without a 4x4 and a good driver. 
The guys only got to go in the fields this afternoon as I felt I'd more than done with my exercise for the day. 
 Ross - yes I let him run, but he was out alone!
 Watch out Jezi there's an idiot behind you
 Sammi, Ziva, Loki, Asha

Monday, 26 February 2018

Twll Braich

We are now over half way through Ross' month of restricted exercise and to be honest it's getting harder. They boy is so well behaved in the crate, he's quiet and not destructive. but when he has his time out .. OMG .. it's hell! He has so much pent up energy, he's wired and I end up chasing after him to recover stolen goods or continually saving cats from his reach. He's up on the furniture, throwing water bowls around, taking clothes off the radiator, ragging cushions .. you know it he's doing it.  But who can blame him? He's not being challenged mentally or physically and he's at an age when he should be living his life to the full. Still we continue to do as we've been advised and in a couple of weeks we'll start introducing him back into the group over a period of a week or so. He will obviously have lost some muscle tone so tearing around with Kaiah all day again may not be ideal at first. It will be a scary time as of course if there is still a weakness there that will be the time when we'll see it. 
After everyone had been walking today I decided to take Ross to see Twll Braich. He'd never been and I feel it's important they go there and see it. The quarry hole is a long stones throw from the cottage and though we don't often walk past it I like the dogs to know it's there. Ross was extremely careful and seem to sense the danger more than others have done. Saying that he was also very curious and had to keep look down at the water but he would not turn his back to it. I have always found the dogs show so much common sense here, but I would never take two or three youngsters there incase they missed their footing or were careless when racing around. Anyway I'm glad we went, in stunning sunshine it looked amazing. 

Cold But Mostly Sunny

 Jezi and Nico 
 Nico, Ziva, Sammi and Asha
 Loki and Kaiah
Ross At Twll Braich

Nico Video

Just a short video of Nico testing out the new toys. If they can take Nico abuse they can take anything! 
Have a look at the website, some great stuff here.. 

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Caernarfon C.S - Part 2

I know my dogs shouldn't always win - but sometimes I would like to ask the judge why they didn't? 
Yesterday in my opinion Kaiah out moved everyone, but still only managed a second in her class. (Though I love the class winner) This photo does her no justice but it is the only one of her in the ring. Of my dogs she does have the better conformation and floated around the ring yesterday. I'm disappointed there was no photo of Ross to share, sadly he was third out of three, so in my book last ... but there we go! 

Loki as ever commanding the judges attention was Best Of Breed and Pastoral Group 1. 
Honestly I can see what the judges see in him and at this level of showing he's become a force to be reckoned with in the breed and the group!  
No one was there to take photos of Asha in the class so I was over the moon when I got this last night. Kim had taken it with her phone! Quality is not great but wonderful to get it. The judge commented on her super movement and Asha was Pastoral Veteran Group 1

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Caernarfon. C.S - Part 1

 Nice photo of Kaiah taken outside after the judging
The main man Loki - again taken after the judging 
Lovely Asha enjoyed cadging food off everyone 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Another Trip Out In The Van With Ross

Two lovely photos taken with my phone. Love the intense expression of the second photo. 
Beautiful day, but bloody cold and colder to come I gather

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Knickers, Two Bras ...

... hot water bottle cover a wool hat and a shredded cloth! What? Well that's just what young Ross had taken out of the bedroom with him today. I was putting the washing away and giving the bedroom a tidy up and decided to let him potter for a while. He's missing his friends so I guess he was bored! 
Again today another run in the van before exploring a new place, well new to Ross anyway, and I think the last time I was here was with Mikey and Sammi.  
So where are we - Nine gates and a husky could be a clue for locals!
Kaiah and Loki
Another place I've not been in ages and again the last time I remember being here was with Mikey but I do think I may have been since.
 Llyn Ffynhonnau with Ziva, Asha and Sammi 
This was an emotional walk  - Couldn't help but think how much Tali would have loved being down here splashing and swimming today.
Nico and Jezi also at Llyn Ffynhonnau
The lens was dirty for the whole of this walk .. and damn it I didn't notice!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Eight Out Walking

 Nico and Jezi
 Sammi, Asha and Ziva by Smurf Bridge
 Kaiah and Loki at Llyn Cop
Ross paddling in Parc Eryri 

Monday, 19 February 2018

Written For Whoever

Do you remember The Beautiful South's hit "Song For Whoever?" I loved it, well this post is written for whoever .. If the cap fits....
This morning I read someones post on Facebook, hell I agreed with every word. It was on the lines of if you can't say anything nice then say nothing at all. But taking it a step further, people should really think before the speak. I know there a line of thought about always being truthful and saying what's on your mind, but my god show a bit of compassion and sensitivity. What if the shoe was on the other foot? How would you feel?
Now we all critique each others show dogs behind closed doors, it's the game we play at weekends. But constructive criticism comes from an eye for a dog coupled with knowledge and experience.  If you can see the faults in others then for god's sake see the faults in your own. I know Ross hasn't got much coat, I see that I don't need you to tell me. I know Kaiah could do with being a little "heavier" in build, that Loki is too tall, that Nico is hockey and that Asha is plainly coloured. I know, I see it. I've been playing this game a long time, when you've been playing it as long maybe then you'll have the right to give me an uninvited criticism of my dogs; or maybe the day one of yours beats one of mine in the ring for the first time ever you'll have some right to comments on mine or my friends dogs. 
I could say so much about your dogs, I could pull them to pieces, constructively .. but I don't. I try and always look for the positive, she's pretty, he's handsome, lovely colour, great head. I see the negatives but I choose not to throw them in your face and hurt your feelings. Could you not allow me and my friends the same courtesy?
Over four years ago I remember a face, an expression of disgust when I said I was mating Nico to Ziva. I knew what I was doing, I knew I was doubling up on a line and I knew that later I would need to be careful where I went next. But look at what I have Sammi and later Kaiah ... To be honest the "I" litter was one of the best I've bred and Sammi is .. well you all know what Sammi is!
Have my feelings been hurt by you? Well yes many times in the past, but not this time! This time you've hurt a friends feelings and that makes me as angry as if you'd stuck the knife in me or mine again. I wish you could think before you speak, I wish you had some tact. You can still say what you need to say but with compassion and care for others feelings, but I guess maybe that's not you, you truly do seem to have a total lack of social skills. I think I'll always be wary around you, I'll never quite trust you, anyone who slanders their friends so easily is capable of a lot more I guess. For the sake of peace  and harmony I will tolerate your company, but I for one will never let you in!
Moving on ...
The photos are of Ross when he and I went exploring today. A short run in the van and a 15 minute walk .. mooching not marching. Bet you don't know where we are!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Seven Out Walking

 My Lovely ladies!
She's a cow! lol
Love this of Nico and Jezi 

Hard To Choose

Four lovely photos of Ross with only a fraction to choose between them. I love all four but for different reasons. The first two compliment his front angle a little better but don't do justice to his hind angle and his tail set appears a little untidy. The third photo is as close to perfect as I could ask for really, though his front looks a little straight and that bush behind his head is sadly distracting. The last photo is equally lovely, slight tilt of the head and a slightly raised tail set catch my eye. I'd be happy with any of these photos really, but the last two where he is a little more stretched appeal to me more. I think I'll update his photo on the Pedigree data base .. but damn it I can't choose between the third and fourth photo!

St. Helens

So ..(Steve hates people who starts a sentence with so!)
So .. when a 9 month old puppy totally freaks for no apparent reason it leaves everyone around him a little flummoxed. When this puppy is well socialised, outgoing, bordering on cocky and usually doesn't give a flying feck about any sight or sound it is a beyond confusing! But it is exactly what happened yesterday. Ross had been in the hall with Loki for about 20 mins, he was his usual annoying self. He was pulling towards everything and everybody. Poking his nose up a Sheltie bottom, in a cage full of Chinese Cresteds and prancing with a Goldie. The owner of the Goldie even said to her dog, "leave the pup alone he doesn't look like he needs any more winding up," we smiled at each other .. yeah everything was normal.
Then without sight or sound that we could hear or see Ross changed into a quivering wreck. I quickly passed Loki over to Ian as Ross was obviously distressed and even started to shake. He was watching everything and everybody with such intensity and jumping around nervously at every sound. I tried walking him round the hall but he was so nervous and behaving like something there was behind him the whole time. The steward in the ring noticed we were having problems and came out to offer help. She went over Ross, that was no issue but still he was jumpy and unsettled. Rightly or wrongly I took him in his class and though he won it he couldn't concentrate and was jumping and looking round in all directions. The judge was lovely with him and said as she went over him " Your not happy with all this are you young man." He truly wasn't and had I been judging he would not have won, but I guess he stood to be gone over and though unsettled he did go round. After the challenge where he was equally unhappy with Tracy I took him out into the van for a break. About 30 mins later I took him back in, guess what? He was fine, it was like nothing had ever happened, all forgotten, happy Ross was back in the building. Though unplaced in the group, Ross gave a faultless performance. He was settled, happy and playful!
I guess we will never know what happened yesterday. It's one of those situations where you'd like to ask him "What upset you mate?" There was certainly nothing to see, but off course what he may have heard that we could not may be a different kettle of fish. Interesting I was talking to Sue and her Malamute puppy had also freaked out mid morning. There must have been something a sound or a smell that caused him so much distress ... but what? This is not a nervous puppy, nothing bothers him in life, honestly I haven't a clue!
I can only compare it to one previous experience, years ago when Krizzie was a puppy we had an odd experience with her. I'd shown her in breed classes in the morning and was waiting for the Puppy bitch class outside the ring when she had a similar response to the judge in the ring. In a field full of people she was terrified of him and had n't even gone in the ring yet. As he went over her in the class she shook and as I moved her round the ring she didn't take her eyes off him. She won too that day, but on character alone she shouldn't have done. After I came out of the ring I told the show secretary how upset I was with her behaviour and how outgoing and bubbly she normal was. Her reply was "I guess she can see something that you can't, he buried his wife 10 days ago!" Well hell it gave me the shivers! A lot of you knew Krizzie, the clown the joker .. a bubbly and happy lady, and you can understand how out of character that was for her, but at least I had an answer, a reason for her once in a life time odd behaviour and I could see this man was the cause of her distress. With Ross I've no idea what upset him unless it was the up and coming earth tremor, during the time he was upset he seemed to be freaking and turning to look in all directions and I can only think really that he was hearing or sensing something that we were oblivious of.
Anyway, moving on ... Loki showed well, though someone commented he put very little effort into his movement. For me he did all I needed of him on a shiny leisure centre floor. Sadly he stood alone in his class and was pipped to the post for BOB by his sister Bella from the PG class. Bella was also unplaced in the group, no surprise there considering who was judging it!
We had some lovely photos taken outside after judging - nice ones of Bella and Loki but I'm most chuffed with the photos of Ross. I'm honestly struggling to pick the best, I'm so pleased he's looking so well.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Photos Today

News Tomorrow! 

Friday, 16 February 2018

Ross And Asha

Things didn't go as I'd hoped today. With Steve unable to come with me to the dentist I had to leave Ross at home. It's taken 2 hour long appointments to get this root canal filling done, the most unpleasant dental procedure ever. Having endured it twice now, if I ever need another one doing then I'll just have the bloody tooth taken out!
So Ross stayed at home and has spent all morning in the crate, I just can't believe how good he is. Anyway he has a huge knuckle bone to keep him happy this afternoon.
I took him to Dog Club again last night and it went quite well, he was less vocal than he was on Tuesday but still very excited and desperate to play with anyone who'd give him the time of day. I did move him round a few times and the instructor for the night didn't see any abnormalities, unlike Tuesday when he was obviously lame in class. I know it's early days but nothing seems to have changed, you just don't know if he's going to be lame .. or not! A few people who hadn't see Ross for a month where shocked at how much he'd grown, I must admit I was shocked to see he was now taller than Marco! Tomorrow we have a show, we'll take him and see how it goes!
Asha is really pleased to have Loki back in the living room. I think loosing her mum and then finding her adopted son taken away from her had an affect on her. Though Loki was still in the same room as her at bed times with Kaiah being in season he was kept separate from all the bitches during the day. With both her mum and Loki taken away from her and no real bond with the others poor Asha did seem pretty damn lost. Anyway the season is over and her much loved boy is back with the pack so she's a happy bunny now.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Out And About

A special treat for the kids today .. a trip out to Tesco in the van! LOL. 
Well I ended it with a 10 minute walk by Afon Seiont. They were gutted to only walk to the top of the path that took us down to the river, but I'm trying to stick to the plans set out by the vet. Also the river was ferociously wild so would have been dangerous for Ross who no doubt would have gone in. 
I didn't notice that Ross was lame at all and though I let him off the lead I kept Kaiah on the lead. My thoughts were, if she was loose and he was  on the lead then he'd be pulling to be with her. If they were both loose they'd be racing and playing, anyway it worked and he had some sensible freedom. 
And yes, though she is slightly slumped , he is now quite a bit bigger than her.


This photo brought back memories of another photo in different times with different dogs. Happy times of regular thick snow and days, even weeks spent "Stuck" in Fron. Though we've had snow fall over the last few Winters it's been pretty insignificant and short lasting. I suppose I still get to enjoy it without the difficulties that can arise of being snowed in.   
Only Asha is in both photos with this one taken in Jan 2010.
Tali to the side and Mikey, Louis, Asha and Finlay flying down the slope

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

LKA Critiques

Really pleased with Ross' first critique from Andy Forman at LKA. Also a super critique for Loki. Both boys handled by Sarah Smith. 
PD (4, 2) 1 Stanley & Bibby's Silkenwood Poldark Of Blanik. 6 months sable, just a baby but showing a masculine head, correct dentition, eye and length of muzzle. Alert expression, carried ears well, good length of neck, graduating topline and croup, good shoulder angulation and placement. In proportion, moved well away and back - has a good reach free flowing side gait without extreme developing well. Handler getting the best out of him. 
LD (6, 1) My surprise class. 1 Stanley's Lokean Of Blanik ShCM. Three and a half yrs b/g, strong masculine head. Correct dentition, eye and length of muzzle. Very alert expression, ear and carriage which he used to his advantage. Good length of neck. Graduated topline and croup. Good shoulder placement and proportions. Strong and confident in stance. Moved very well away and back - excelled on the move maintaining an even free flowing side gait with drive and purpose without extreme handler getting the very best out of him. Pleasantly surprised me. Was happy to give him Res BD.

George's Abby

Lovely to see photos of the old girl showing off her toys on Facebook this morning.
She must miss him more than anyone can understand but she's so lucky to have Alex still looking after her in her home. 
 Happy Times