Tuesday, 16 June 2020


A lady who's not involved with GSD's was gobsmacked to see Orin's ears last Thursday. She carefully and tactfully asked if it was "Normal" for GSD pups to loose their ears. It's funny that what we in the breed consider as normal is alien to people in other breeds. Orin's ears have been up and down from about 7 weeks and I well imagine they will continue to vary for weeks to come. Teething affects ears so as the new teeth come through his ears may well flop again. I have to admit though, ears really do complete the picture, he looks so handsome.
Steve now says Orin looks like Thumper as he runs. His back legs getting out of proportion to the rest of him. It takes a bit to control those rear pasterns and I think at certain ages they looks like  drunk kangaroos. Bless.
I'm watching now for the new coat, it always starts as a ring of shiny hair on the tail .. then it comes through from the withers and along the spine .. it's just fascinating. 
You can see the new hair here on Sammi's tail at about 3 and a half months. 
and here just a week later you can see the shiny hair on Sammi's spine and the tan coming through around her shoulders. So much change so quickly. 

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Lin said...

They change so quickly and it's fascinating to see the changes , Orin really is a very handsome boy x