Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Judgment Day?

So yesterday evening I measured the kitchen floor, from head to toe, the second fall of the year, I'm not looking forward to the third. Basically, rushing into the kitchen I didn't see and stood on a bone that was just off the edge of the vet bed. It skidded and took my foot with it across the floor, I ended up crashing down onto my right side. I'm stiff today but what is worse is the intermittent biting pain on my left side and the pain down my left leg.  I must have twisted as I went down, the pain is just where the sciatica pain starts and my god I'm afraid of that!
Now my friends all know how much I love social media, well Facebook. I'm honest in saying it has enriched my life. I love the good side of it, keeping in touch with friends, still being in contact with the George Michael "Lovelies" and sharing and looking at photos of dogs and cats. I do share my life on Facebook and I love it when others do the same. Mostly for me Facebook is a wonderful place for love, knowledge and education, but as I said it is what you make of it. I scrawl past the hate, I mark post that I do not want to see and I try not to get involved with campaigns, I mostly use it as escapism, a place of happiness. So why is there always someone who spoils things? The unnecessary but obvious digs are hurtful, especially when the dislike of me brings Orin into the equation as it did last night. The remarks are not just obvious to me, thankfully they are blatantly obvious to others some who messaged me last night and obviously see the person for who they are.
If the cap fits then this is my suggestion, if you don't like me unfriend me, if you don't like my dogs, unfriend me, if you don't like my photos .. don't look...or better still unfriend me. Don't forget I'm not the only one watching and judging!
Over the last couple of years I've thought over and over to the situation that caused this rift. No matter how I look at it I can not see what I could have done differently, I can not see I can be blame me for their own error. Maybe it's just easier to point the blame at someone else than accept they make a mistake?


Unknown said...

I hope the pain in your side subsides, poor you, take care and hope you feel better very soon. Y x

Lin said...

Hope your pain has eased and it doesn't kick start your sciatica . Such a shame that she is at it again , her loss x