Sunday, 21 June 2020

I'm Not Complaining ... Honest

I wouldn't dream of it, I've waited too long for this. 
I'm mealy sharing the adventure
As Facebook friend will know last night he ran off with my knickers .. they were clean, just pinched off the top of the washing basket. He was so proud of himself too!
Reminder - A quiet puppy is never a good puppy! Under the strict supervision of the mouth from the south they were excavating near the old kennel block. I got the brush out to fill up the holes ... and he ran off with the brush! Photos of all the mischief for making wonderful memories. 


Lin said...

The terrible two strike again and it's brilliant to see the fun that these two are having x

ian turner said...

I don't know how many hats i lost wel not exactly lost stolen more like it frigging kasey has got something about them you only have to put it down for a few minutes and she's out in the back with it in pieces but i can't actually give her a telling off it's my own fault and i have too tell Tracy i need another one without laughing lol 😂

Unknown said...

Jazz is digging in an area of dirt in the garden and I'm leaving her to it it's fun to watch and she loves it, her favourite toy is the broom too until she tries to bring it in the house! Yx