Sunday, 7 June 2020

Orin 11.5 Weeks

Three photos of the same puppy, but showing different virtues. The first shows a lovely overline from the reach of neck to the wither, smoothly over the back into a sloping croup. 
The second shows better front and rear angles, but a peak in the overline which is not naturally there as you watch the puppy free moving detracts. 
The third photo shows a nice overline, the best hind angle, but no front. I like the three photos for the reasons I've given, but overall I guess the first is more pleasing to my eye. Feel free to disagree! 


Lin said...

Agree the first one is better and isn't he looking superb xx

Tali said...

but Lin do you see the bits that are better in the second pic?

Lin said...

Yes it was just the bit in his back on that pic that stood out but I now also like the 3rd one but he really does look good x

ian turner said...

i definitely agree with you and can see him all put together in all them pictures he's a stunning little boy and can't wait to see him in the shows