Monday, 29 June 2020

Remember That Dream?

I'm knackered but I just can't sleep, lying there listening to the pounding rain my brain just won't switch off. I thought of kittens and happy days in the kitten room at the rescue centre. I hear the new kitten unit is almost complete now. They will have facilities that I could only dream of. I thought, if I had a kitten now what would I have? A boy of course, I went though colours and characters in my mind, even imagined myself sitting in the kitten room choosing. I would love a kitten, but what if it ended up like Luther? Haha  ... Yes I'd love that more! Seriously now is not the time, I've got one handful to look after as it is. Luckily for me Ross, Kaiah and Sammi have played pass the parcel with Orin this evening ... thankfully there's usually someone willing to entertain him!
I started thinking of Kaiah and how devastated I was last Winter when the puppies never came, and then I remembered that dream .. OMG the dream of a young male dog standing in the hall just outside the bathroom. I can still see him in my mind, so unable to sleep I got up to find the blog post and luckily I found it easily ...Dreaming
Click on the link should you wish to read it all but these are some of the words that I wrote on Dec 13th 2019, these are the words that came back to my mind. "As I dozed back off to sleep my thought went to the dog standing in the hall. He was without doubt not a dog I know but I can still see him clearly in my mind. A young dog, maybe just under 12 months old, quite red with a strong black saddle but not the dark mask that is my preference. Still a very handsome dog! I did dream of a puppy called Nico months before our teenage Nico joined our family ... I can't help but wonder if this dog is maybe one to come in the future. Not sure what my thoughts are on it .. can we dream of and see things that are to come? ... what do you think?"
Maybe if we believe in such things, maybe I was dreaming about Orin ... in the dream Kaiah had her puppies, but the young male was already there .. maybe this was the plan of life .. just maybe it's how it should be.


carrie said...

Aw, the kitten room with me trying to reach behind a pile of newspapers to retrieve one tiny kitten as I'd made the mistake of allowing a whole litter out of cage together, and then could not get them back.Happy days. The future? I believe if you visualise something hard enough, and often enough and BELIEVE in it, it will happen. But slightly confused thought your next pup was to be a girlie one:~} On the sleep issue, glad I not the only one given up sleeping hardly at all this week! Exhausted, so many things on my mind, plus Tasha very restless. Must try visualising myself asleep tonight!

Lin said...

Remember you saying about the dog you dreamt of maybe it's Orin even if colour is different dreams are never accurate but you never know what the future has instore xx

Tali said...

But Orin's colour could change dramatically, he is very red, we will have to wait to see how black his mask will be