Friday, 5 June 2020

Stud Dogs

A post on Facebook made me think that for new blog readers and puppy owners I could share some photos of the stud dogs behind the puppies. My foundation bitch Lledfegin Camri (Nikki) was out of International Champion Rosehurst Chris. I mated her to the German import Arko Vom Huhnegrab. 
A daughter from that mating, Blanik Astra (Seffe) was mated to the German Import Apollo Von Dakota
Apollo and Seffe's daughter Blanik Deeanna (Krizzie) was mated to 
Rangemore Arko
Enter the only bitch in the litter Blanik Frankie. I was lucky to be able to mate Tali to my own dog.
 Kaiser Vom Conbhairean (our Kai)
Their daughter Blanik Georgette (Asha) went back to the Rangemore kennel where we used 
Tirgram Robbi
Jezi and Ziva are here from that litter but only Ziva has been bred from - Blanik Hippy was mated to our own wonderful 
Conbhairean Danko of Blanik (Nico)
From that mating I only had eyes for Sammi Belle. Sammi has had two litter, in her first to Videx Merlot she gave me my stunning Kaiah - her second litter to the Italian Import 
Fransisco di Casa Gregori take us onward and upward ... 
My dreams of a bitch puppy out of Kaiah to Zalu still remain ... here's hoping


Lin said...

Wonderful to see all these pics and privaledged to have known all your dogs and lucky enough to have had four of your babies from meeting you when you trusted us to have Rocky , then Lia , Jake and now with Lexi not forgetting the friendship between us x

ian turner said...

You should be really proud of them all there a credit to you and I'm so lucky i have 2 of nico girls