Monday, 22 June 2020

Kaiah Thoughts

 As I said I'm thoughtful today .. the fecking virus really has put the kibosh on so many things. Looking at the big picture my dilemma is really insignificant, but for me it still needs thoughts and consideration.
Zalu lives in rural Suffolk, now that is a bloody long day trip, especially if you want to go twice. The other option is to stay over, but as things currently stand that is not possible. Kaiah is not due in season till the end of October, the situation with the virus may well have changed by then but maybe we'll still be under some restrictions by November when I envisage she will be ready to mate. My dream is of a Zalu x Kaiah sable daughter, a bit like Silkenwood Aria, but taking everything into consideration, well I may have to reconsider.
Of course it's far far too early to make plans, but having back up ideas, and mulling over thoughts is important. Taking everything into account if using Zalu is not possible this year then my first port of call is with his owner. I'd have to ask Helen if she would be happy for me to take Kaiah back at a later date, I can't imagine a problem with that but it's courteous to discuss it with her first.
Now Kaiah will be 4 in October and really she needs to have that first litter before she gets any older. So if it's a no go with Zalu then what do I do? Well my first thought was Sisco, after all the K kids are stunning. If it worked so well with Sammi then it should with Kaiah. Then there's another thought ... Chase, Sisco's son. A stunning young dog in his own right ... but I remember a top breeder saying to me years ago, "why use the monkey when you can use the organ grinder?" I get that and at the time I did use the organ grinder, but sometimes we do need to give the young boys a chance. Lots to think about, but plenty of time to think about it and change my mind too.
Kaiah is without doubt a stunning bitch, as I've said before in my opinion the best bitch I've bred in a long time. Of course I can't compare her to her half sisters from the "K" litter yet, but Sammi sure did me proud in producing Kaiah. Not having a litter from Kaiah and being able to go on through her would be a travesty ... Ok now through little Isla, Ginger and maybe Orin there are options should it come to it ... but really I do hope the way forward is through Kaiah.


Lin said...

You certainly have a lot to think about and good to have back up plans, let's hope you can get her to Zalu but Sisco's kids are stunning x

ian turner said...

I really do hope you get your first choice all them plans would be for nothing otherwise but like you said you definitely have a backup