Wednesday, 3 June 2020

It's Sad It's This Way

Orin's vaccination didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I was parked outside the vets and he was to be collected and carried in from the van whilst I stood back. Sadly he totally freaked at someone else getting him out of the van. He screamed as if he was being killed, it was heart wrenching to hear, he was so scared that he peed all over the staff member picking him up. I could see clearly that he was being held correctly and that there was no physical reason for him to scream, it was just pure panic.
I know it can't be helped, but it really shouldn't be this way for him. Today should have been a pleasant day with me carrying him in and giving him a biscuit whilst he stood on a table oblivious of the injection. Instead I guess it was the first traumatic experience of his young life and there was no way of doing it differently.  But it had to be done, he had to face it. The vet assured me that he did calm down once he was inside and that he ate his biscuit and was happy to be weighed .. he was 9.4kg. 
Whilst waiting for Asha's medication I saw a friend had arrived in the car park. I asked him to go and talk to Orin who by then was back in the van, he did and Orin was pleased to meet him. When the vet came out she suggested Kevin take him out of the van .. he did and it went really well, he was all over Kevin, he was the normal Orin. I've no idea why he would freak as he did, but we have noticed that he often hesitates when he's in a situation for the first time, we usually give him time and within minutes he's OK. Maybe this was a similar situation and I should have given him more time instead of telling them to just take him in. It was my call and I think I got it wrong, but I could never have envisaged his reaction. As I said to someone earlier, I've had the breed almost 30 years and during the whole time I've owned multiple dogs but still I continue to learn. We live and learn. So now I need to park up the van somewhere and get people to get him out of the van, hopefully his experience with Kevin will already have helped him forget ...
As Orin was over 10 weeks getting his vaccination the vet reminded me that no second vacs was necessary and that the product was now licensed for 3 years. I did know that this was the recommended protocol from Norbivac and had sent that information to all the puppy buyers in good time for them to follow this practice. Sadly sometimes at the cost of our dogs health some vets use vaccinations as a money making scheme, thankfully I was further encouraged of my vets ethical practices today. 
I had a discussion with the vet about Nico's interdigital cyst. Mostly it doesn't bother him, he's never lame on it but occasionally he has periods of licking it. She suggest I carry on as I am, but should he show lameness or pain then a short course of pain relief may be necessary.
I also asked about getting Sammi spayed .. sadly due to the virus it is not considered a necessary procedure  .. so we have to wait! 


Lin said...

Oh poor Orin that must have been so upsetting for you to see him so upset when it should have been a nice experience for him but unfortunately there was nothing you could have don. Glad he seemed to come round from it and nice for him to have a cuddle with Kevin. Shame Sammi has to wait now for her op for a while now . Xxxx

ian turner said...

It's definitely harder for orin compared too other puppies you have had he's doing fantastic fair play considering everything that's going on you would of been around lots more people with him otherwise so it's going to be a little harder with him and i think any puppy would of reacted the same in his position