Monday, 22 June 2020

Four In Rough Weather

I let the green eyed monster get to me again today. I'm feeling a little emotional today, tearful and thoughtful so a quick dig was all it took. I asked a friend if I was being over sensitive, she said yes but agreed she would have read it as I did and definitely agreed it was a dig. I feel like posting, as I have in the past, if you don't like my dogs it's simple ...stop looking at my photo, scrawl past simples! I've also thought of blocking her .. but lets be honest I'm too nosy for that! 😎 
 I didn't take photos on the first three walks, the weather was really off putting, but I couldn't help myself with Orin out with The Young Guns. You can see the van here in the above photo, it shows how far we go, we mooch more than walk I guess. Put it this way Loki got bored and sat down to eat his toy! Oh and Ross? Don't you just love his disappearing act here! Can you see him?
 Kaiah and Orin are half siblings, it will be interesting to see if they have any similar traits, at the moment his recall is as good as hers, so yeah pleased with that. 
As the months go on I haven't made up my mind which walk Orin will be on. At the moment it works to give him 10 mins with these at the end of a walk or to come back with the girls and pick him up for 10 mins with them. I guess a lot depends on Asha's health and Loki continuing to accept the situation. Sadly Loki is not coping with Orin any more than he does with Ross, but so far that is only an issue in the house! It would be good to keep them together, even if it's just for some of the walks. 


ian turner said...

I'm taking a guess has the green eyed monster commented on someone else post that got you feeling emotional again if I'm right i though the same too that she's been spiteful

Lin said...

So she's at it again and it must hurt you. These pics are lovely and Orin looks to be having a great time x