Sunday, 14 June 2020

Mr P.

This is a clown, this is a fool ... but "this" is clever beyond belief. This makes me smile, this makes me laugh, this makes me ooze with pride. This was a challenge, this was a fight like no other. this is now a wonderful companion and friend .. This is our Ross!
Sometimes I do worry about his long term future. Following his collision with a rock at about 7 months old there is no doubts that some days he is lame, or maybe just stiff? Though seen by a specialist his x rays showed nothing, but the dog does, something is not right and it does concern me. Though of course I will not change his life style, quality of life is paramount. Imagine restricting his swimming, or telling him he's not walking with Kaiah. The only thing we have done is limit the amount of times the kong is thrown, I don't think the skidding as he brakes getting to it do him any favours, yet I will not stop the games, just reduce the throws.
I was hoping he would be my stud dog as Nico is getting older, I was hoping he would have sired the next generation of Blaniks, but it was not to be. Of course I'm disappointed but the love we both feel for this dog is as ever, totally unconditional!

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Lin said...

He really is lovely and love to see him enjoying life to the full x