Friday, 13 December 2019

Dreaming Again

Kyle and Kaiah 
As if often the case these days my dream last night was about puppies .. there were 3 normal size puppies and one tiny one. They were initially lying on a dirty brown vet bed but then Steve said the box was ready and then they were running around in my whelping box. Yes newly born and running around! I was then in the bath room and opened the door to be faced be a large young male dog who was standing in the hall, I told him to move as I needed to get to the puppies who were chasing Kaiah around the box. (which was huge - not my normal box) I asked Steve to get her some chicken soup as she needed it to get her milk down ... and then I woke up and yes I cried a little. As I dozed back off to sleep my thought went to the dog standing in the hall. He was without doubt not a dog I know but I can still see him clearly in my mind. A young dog, maybe just under 12 months old, quite red with a strong black saddle but not the dark mask that is my preference. Still a very handsome dog! I did dream of a puppy called Nico months before our teenage Nico joined our family ... I can't help but wonder if this dog is maybe one to come in the future. Not sure what my thoughts are on it .. can we dream of and see things that are to come? ... what do you think?

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Lin said...

It's not surprising that you're dreaming about puppies , but the young male well let's wait and see maybe he's the future x