Friday, 26 June 2020

A Visiting Friend

Gail came to visit today. We had a lovely walk with the Young Guns followed by a social distance cuppa and jaffa cakes in the yard. Orin was very unsure and did bark at first .. but as you can see he soon got over it and decided he loved auntie Gail. Of course the fact that she listening to me and ignored him also helped. Nothing worse than someone constantly calling them when all they need is time to get over it. It was hugely helpful that all the other dogs love her .. and of course Jamie does too.  Orin really needs to meet more people and more dogs but because of the virus I'm still uncomfortable about taking him into the high street, I'd feel so much better at dog club .. but that simply is not going to happen! 


Lin said...

Pics are lovely and Gail looks to be having a good time with Orin climbing on her , so lovely to see how confident he is and of course when people listen to you it helps .

ian turner said...

You definitely are going too see the difference in him conperd too the rest of them it's going too take a little bit longer for him too be totally confident with everyone. I really think he's doing amazing from what i have seen of him i always get a fantastic welcome from him