Saturday, 20 June 2020


Apart from some puppy outings with Steve I've not had a walk with anyone in months and months. Mostly I don't mind but sometimes the mind does wonder. I was thinking today about the current Blanik crew, OMG I've got 4 old dogs. I found myself getting so emotional at was is to come.
The girls launched themselves into the lake. When do you stop an old dog from jumping in? Well never, life is for living, quality of life is paramount I thought. I got back to the van, the girls jumped in and I opened the side door for Asha, she jumped in and I thought further. Asha is 12 in less than 2 weeks and from a standstill she jumps into the van. She walk with her daughter and granddaughter and only on that one hot day have I seen her slow down. She runs, she jumps, she eats sheep shit, nothing has changed. What a girl, just like her mother before her. As I drove home I gave myself  a good talking too; Asha is living life to the full, she's fit and active and I should stop with the negativity and enjoy watching her enjoying her life .


carrie said...

Very difficult to control once that horrible thought pops into your head. Received a letter from Dogs Trust this week asking me to update my dog's details for their records in the event the virus gets me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On reading, I then realised that as she is a rescue from Romania, I have no certain knowledge of several details. Actual age, health records, previous vacs. etc. and I spent the next few days worrying that she might be much older than was estimated by various people, until I gave myself a real good mental shake to stop focusing on how long she's got left. More to the point, how long have I:~}

So, understand so completely where you are coming from. Horrible, nasty little evil thoughts, but when you love a dog so completely, it is very hard to envisage life without them. You summed it up living their wonderful life completely, and I cannot say any more. X

Lin said...

It's wonderful seeing Asha doing so well and living her life to the full, so yes enjoy every moment you have with her she's one hell of a girl and hope her daughter's take after her x