Sunday, 14 June 2020


I was going to put one on, but how do I choose? I'm always being told that I'm too critical of my own, well maybe I am but I have the right to be, there is no point in rose tinted glass. Well I'll be honest these photos just made me cry ... he's just so handsome, he's adorable
A Bit Of Fun 
1 - Now listen look at the camera and smile 
2 - "Like this" - yes but put your tongue out 
3 - "Like this" - you are not funny 
4 - Lovely 


Lin said...

Oh wow love these pics of him he really is stunning x

ian turner said...

That's what i love about you you have taught me everything i know about dogs and if you can't see the faults in your own dog how can you improve on it you say it as it is no point trying to hide something that someone else will tell you about.