Monday, 29 June 2020

The New Crates

 A month on and Kaiah's new crate is damaged. I know she's hard on crates but I really think this is piss poor. She's not distressed and doesn't scratch at the front, all she does is get over excited before the walks. Kaiah is always on the last and longest walk, I always let Steve know when I'm on my way back from the previous walk and he pops the young guns in their crates so the girls can come in and get dried before I set off again. This is the only time that Kaiah give her crate a hard time, and only as you try and open it to get her out .. basically she just can't contain her excitement. To be honest I don't think any crate should give up that easily!
 For the first time since the beginning of the lockdown we decide to go to Home Bargains ... it was raining so we decided to go this morning and see if the weather was better for walking when we got back. Sadly whilst we were out Orin's bed exploded!!! 
Despite him suggesting it was granddad Nico who did it because he sulked at not getting anything at the show - I think we know different!
The expression on his face here just made me laugh. 

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Lin said...

Reading this about Kaiah is so like Lexi and her excitement , just love the pic of Orin x