Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Ah Well ..

It seems both the grey tabby kittens at Freshfields are reserved, Yep on a tearful day I'm feeling quite deflated again. The other is stunning .. but this little guy looked very much my cup of tea.
I guess I'll sleep tonight then .. by the way "Perry" was the name .. I was going to call him Perry.  Apparently they are pretty feral but that would not bother me, Jamie is the only male kitten I've had that wasn't feral!
The right name is always hard to find for a new family member. I would never double up on names and similar sounding names can be a difficult. Jamie, Junior and Jimmy was a nightmare .. but somehow naturally Jimmy became Jimmy Choo and is now just Choo. Changing a name can be controversial I suppose, but Choo has really only been shortened for Jimmy Choo. I did a similar thing with Lux, she was called Lucky .. and god I hated that .. gradually over time she became Lux. Jay was Jacob, Kai was Kaiser again shortened, but Nico was called Danko, a lovely and popular GSD name going back to some of the early examples of the breed, but a new life and a new name for a special boy. I didn't know what Finlay's originally name was and I christened him with the name the day I met him, I didn't know at the time but apt that the Irish meaning of Finlay was "Blond Haired Soldier." 
Sounds can also be confusing and need considering in a multi dog household. Siblings Seffe and Dexi after a glass of wine or two often came out as Sexy! I love the Welsh name Mali, but is it too close to Tali? Mind you it'll be a year or so before I hopefully need a bitch name, by then the wounds won't be as raw .. but I do have a list of names for future use. If I hear a name I like I always make a note of it otherwise I'll forget it. 
I don't like to follow the trend, I honestly don't like a lot of the common names, or celebrity related names. I also have a list of names I hate, but it would be unfair to list/name any as friends have used the names. I would never tell them I hate the name they've christened their precious dog .. But sometime I do think OH NO .. WHY?

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Lin said...

We all have our pet names we love and yes hear some we don't but love the name Perry as we had a cat with that name he was a cream Persian