Thursday, 16 August 2018

Perry And His Family

Maybe, just maybe he quite likes me now then! We really are doing well, though progress has been dramatically slower than with the last few kittens, who cares we are getting there. Perry is ridiculously noise sensitive, even us taking a bite out of a piece of crunchy toast has him jumping out of his skin. This morning I went looking for my puppy noise CD to put on for him, but guess what? I can't find it. How predictable. Either the ghost has pinched it or I've lent it to someone and I now I can't remember who.  Ed Sheeran it is then!
I suppose for most of the day it's pretty quite in the kitten unit at Freshfields, and maybe it was also quiet in the shed where he was born in Llanelltyd?
With the other grey gone before Perry, three of the other siblings are still at Freshfields. It's sad really, the older they gets the harder it will be for them to find homes and settle. Of course as ever it's not even the tip of the iceberg and as ever in this rural community there are an abundance of kittens desperate for homes.
Typically the vets had a call yesterday from a farmer asking if they would take 4 grey kittens with black stripes from him. So more grey tabbys .by the sounds of it .. I'll look forward to photos and share them on my Facebook page. Maybe I'll take Perry back and have a choice!!!!!! haha
Seriously though, maybe you don't need another cat, but maybe one needs you!

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Lin said...

Glad Perry is coming out of his shell and hope the others soon get loving homes