Saturday, 11 August 2018


This morning I received this message from Linda, Danni's owner ..
"Hi Rhian, hope you are well, I was going to get in touch before but thought I’d make sure she was ok, Danni had to have major surgery on 18th July for a twisted gut and she’s had her spleen removed but she’s doing fine now. We don’t know why it happened but there was a lot of water in her stomach xx."
Having lived through the trauma of torsion with Blade and Storm my heart goes out to Linda and family, and I especially understand when they say they are constantly watching her now through her recovery period. It takes a long time to relax again. Thankfully, though it's not a guarantee that it will never happen again stomachs are stitched in place after a torsion these days, it does increase the chances of a safe future dramatically. When Blade had his torsion it was not part of the course and he had a second torsion 12 months to the day after the first.
If you are a dog owner and you don't know about Torsion/bloat/Gva, call it what you like, then please make it your priority to know. Minutes matter!

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Lin said...

What a sigh of relief that precious Danni has come through it and hopefully well on the road to recovery but so scary x