Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Perry so obviously more relaxed in the second photo than the first taken last Friday. Really pleased with how he's coming on. He's still unsure of himself but is now venturing out of the crate. It's great to see him run back in when he's unsettled, just ideal that he's finding comfort and security from the crate 
I was thinking whilst walking about cat colours .. as you do! If I had to describe Oliver in English  I would describe him as "Blue" - that is what the colour is called .. British Blue/Russian Blue etc, but if I was describing him in Welsh I would call him a cath llwyd .. Grey cat. Similarly a Ginger cat in Welsh is described as cath goch - Red cat. Translated neither sounds right does it. So what is Perry, a grey tabby or a blue tabby? I think some research is necessary. Also I wonder if his solid blue back with develop any spots or stripes .. time will tell! 

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Lin said...

He's such a cutie