Monday, 6 August 2018

Still Bothered About Sammi

Sammi spent the earlier part of yesterday pacing and seemingly uncomfortable. She vomited her breakfast and later brought up some grass, but by late afternoon she seemed much more herself and more settle. Being wary I decided to give her a scrambled egg for her dinner and that went down very well. At bed time she had a small carrot and her usual biscuit.
This morning Sammi woke us up about 7 ish, close to getting up time but still unusual for her to wake us unless there is reason. She had no problems with her toilets but did try and eat more grass. When everyone came in for breakfast she was last in andwent into the kitchen instead of going in for her meal. I called her she came but totally blanked her meal. If you know Sammi you'll know this is quite a concern. Steve offered her toast she also refused that. So far she hasn't been sick .. well not since yesterday afternoon, but something is wrong and I just can't figure out what. Her temperature was normal yesterday, as was her colour but as yet I've not looked today. I think I'll see how today goes and then decide if we need to see a vet later or tomorrow.

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Lin said...

Asyou've gathered I'm on catch up and now know Sammi is ok thank goodness