Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Sammi Has More To Say ...

 "The mist didn't clear but we still went out, I played with my mummy Ziva and granny Asha kept getting in the way. Kaiah doesn't come with us cos she's a cow! Mrs S was shouting at me all the time .. 'Sammi don't eat poo, Sammi don't eat mud, Sammi don't eat that,Oh Sammi'... haha I ate it and just laughed!" 
This is me ..
Sammi's demeanor changed yesterday afternoon and she became much brighter. Though I was still thinking of taking her to the vet had she been off colour this morning. Last night she passed something pretty disgusting .. I can only think now that she ate something that really upset her system. I wish she hadn't eaten sheep shit this morning .. but there you go, what can I do? 

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Lin said...

Glad Sammi seems a lot better and yes sounds like something upset her but not easy t top them eating poo even Lexi manages even on the lead !!!!