Monday, 6 August 2018

Visitor For Nico

Everyone knows that I hate lateness. I hate being late, it stresses me out and I hate it when people are late. Today I was expecting a visitor at 3.30pm, like most of us these days he was using a sat nav to get here and would have checked it for timing before hand. Maybe I'm petty but when you shut dogs in crates at 3.20pm and your visitor is still not here at 4.20pm it can be a little annoying to say the least. I guess people don't understand the routines we need to stick to with so many dogs, and how it can throw us when things go wrong.
Anyway, I also make my early decisions on people by seeing how they are with my animals and when the late visitor walks through the gate and greets Jamie the way he did all was quickly forgiven. I was equally impressed with the way he was with Nico and both animals were relaxed and happy around him. Speaks volumes I guess.
He was here to meet Nico as he is hoping to use him at stud. Apparently it's not going to be straight forward but we have talked things through and hopefully we can get it together. The bitch is very well bred and this, should it come about will be a very exciting litter for me.


Lin said...

Fingers crossed it will happen

ian turner said...

i hope it all goes to plan for you