Thursday, 2 August 2018

Odd Oliver

Over the last few days we've both observed that Oliver is behaving a little strangely, but yesterday he was even more odd. He spent the whole day here! He ate part of his breakfast and went out and just slept in this spot. His head is only up as I was calling him trying to get him to come in. Weather wise it wasn't a bad day, but with some drizzly showers it wasn't the best day to sleep out either. Though I called him he didn't come in for his tea .. and in the end I went out and carried him in. He didn't look ill, though old age is catching up on him, but he ate some biscuits and then settled on one of the beds.
As we make our 9pm cuppa Oliver always comes into the living and demands his cuddles, but last night he was nowhere to be seen.
This morning he's home, a little soggy from the light rain but he ate breakfast and he's now disappeared again. I can only hope he's not starting to go the same way as Billy as a lot of the behaviour we've seen has been so reminiscent of the last few months of Billy's life. I do hate it when these animals get old ... 

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Lin said...

Awwww hope Oliver is going to be ok as you say old age in our babies is upsetting and never easy xx