Sunday, 19 August 2018


Ross The Entertainer 
I hate feeling like this, I wonder if having a day at a show is worth it if I'm going to feel this way afterwards? I've been so tired I feel ill .. but it's part of the course of life now. I guess the stress of Friday hasn't helped so basically it's a double whammy today. Oh hell of course it's worth it, as long as I'm prepare for what will surely follow and plan to do nothing for 2 -3 days later ... on the support group they call it "hitting the brick wall," yeah that makes sense!
As I am a bit down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself I may as well wallow a little bit further into my self indulgence .. I found myself getting very deflated with Ross recently. I mean Ross and his show potential, not Ross the pet dog, the pet dog is just perfect.  I'm not blinkered I know he's bald and rangy looking now but there's only so many knocks you can take sometimes without it getting you down. I'll be honest, after JD yesterday morning I was really emotional. A friend was talking to me being complementary about Ross and I was fighting back the tears. It's not just the shows is it, it's other things going on in your life and you just feel like come on life give us a break. Like I said I'm not blinkered with Ross, I see the good as well as the bad in him. And I'm not slagging the winners, just wondering when our day will come to get top honors, and I don't just mean with Ross.
I've had GSD's since 1991, bred my first litter in 1996 but only had 10 litters in that time.
Kaiah - so pleasing to my eye
Some manage that amount of littes in less than half the time. So I guess what I mean is, I don't exactly flood the market, I breed when I want something myself and I try my damnedest to do it right. I think I have a lovely show team right now, 4 super youngsters with Kaiah standing out for conformation and movement .. but still mostly we are "also ran. " Well OK, usually placed but never at the top at Champ shows. Why? What am I doing wrong? And please don't humor me with platitudes like "Your day will come" .. I've been doing this a long time and it never comes at Championship level.  Some people buy in a dog and it becomes a Champion, they breed a litter and have champions .. why not us? Why not a Blanik Champion? When will it be our day?
The dogs are my life, they are not here for churning out litter after litter, but we get no recognition for our hobby breeding?  Of course in our breed, wrongly of course the face on the end of the lead is a huge factor. But I can't afford or justify £40 a class and £250 for a CC, and that is what the handlers charge. I'm blessed to have great friends who handle for love and friendship, at least I can be honest and say when my kids do get placed they do it on their own merit.
Miss Bell
This year I really wanted Sammi to get her stud book number, to get it she needs to win her limit class. Other than last week she has always been in the top 5 .. but never won it. I want Ross to simply win a class at a Champ show, in his puppy career he was always there or there about but never won a class where tickets where on offer. In junior he's done feck all till yesterday afternoon. My hopes for Loki is another CC, or at least a RCC to prove it wasn't a fluke. Next year he has to move into open, and that will be hard on him. Kaiah, Hmm .. Kaiah cow as her mummy Sammi calls her lol. So many hopes and dreams for her .. we'll see what the next year holds.
To top it all, Steve had a phone call yesterday from a family member who really didn't understated why I would want another kitten. Well ask me about, I'll tell you about the plight of cats and kittens in North Wales .. and for once put your own foot down and get what you want!

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Lin said...

Your dogs are so superior to others and you must feel like saying to a judge why !!!! Onwards and upwards Rhian , as for Perry well that's yours and Steve's choice and nothing to do with any one else x