Friday, 3 August 2018

Any Piggin Difference?

Last Friday

Ross has looked like this for weeks now. At his last show, EOE on the 8th of July he looked awful, but I thought to myself then, well he has 5 weeks to improve .. now he has a week before our 1st of the last 4 Champ shows of the year. (The last of these being the first week in September)  He simply has no undercoat, no furnishings and a tail like a stick. At the Champ shows I feel he has on a couple of occasions been so close to a first, but for some reason ended up second, I'd just love to say he had one 1st at a CC Champ show in Young classes, but looking like this I doubt there is much chance. Surely things must improve soon ... here we go again .. ever the bridesmaid eh!
Kaiah who also looked awful at Blackpool (June 24th) is now almost back in full coat, I guess the benefit of hormones has helped her. Her season is due, I can only hope her timing will be fitting, between WKC and COB would be ideal.... Please Kaiah?


Carrie said...

My first long coat Treacle, used to moult nearly the whole year.Was larrieving in Jersey where the climate was much milder, and vet said he put it down to the higher temperature and not to worry.Could the heat be telling Ross he does not need to put his winter coat back on yet? [can hear you scoffing from here:~}}

Tali said...

yes Carrie you could well be right as Asha still looks awful too, but having more coat generally it's not as obvious

Lin said...

Hopefully he'll soon get his coat back I've got everything crossed x