Monday, 13 August 2018

Taking Him Back?

You have to laugh don't you. On Saturday I put a humors post on Facebook saying that Perry still hated me and that I was going to take him back. The people who know me played the game .. others gave advice!!! I'm not offended just found it funny. I guess they didn't realise that I spent 12 years managing a cattery in a rescue centre dealing with all sorts of cat and kitten issues and hearing every excuse why people would give up on an animal. 
Anyway the little man is starting to improve, I'm not pushing him, just giving him time to accept his new situation and life. I guess food conquers fear, and no it's not his dinner bowl, just a plate I'd had cold meat on in the fridge.
I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a lady who breeds British Shorthaired cats. She advice me against having a silver tabby saying that they are not the sweetest natured cats. Cats are affected by colour as much as breed. Anyone who has lived with a tortie, particularly a dark tortie knows how feisty, unpredictable and temperamental they are. (The addition of white does make them more mellow)  I guess worst still are the ginger females, of which there are plenty by the way .. my advice would be never to cross a ginger female! Male cats do tend to be more mellow, but again they too can be affected by their colour gene. 
Interestingly I found an article which says that "blotched tabbys" are homebodies -well don't we know that as Jamie never goes anywhere. Perry is a grey or blue tabby and white, it will be interesting to see whether his solid blue back will develop more pattern .. I guess I don't really care though. :) 

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