Sunday, 5 August 2018

Sammi, Ross and SAH

I had an interesting conversation with someone yesterday who suffered a SAH 7 years ago. This is the first person I've talked to apart from Paula who was in Walton with me. Unlike me this person passed out and was immediately rushed into hospital and had surgery. I waited 5 days in the local hospital for a diagnosis then it was panic stations and a trip along the A55/motorways with blue lights to get me to Walton Neurological Unit. Anyway .. all in the past .. but it was nice to talk to someone who had been there, maybe not so great to find out she's still almost constantly tired. She says she is unable to use the computer for long periods of time, has had vision disturbances but doesn't now and she occasionally puts words in the wrong order in the sentence. I'm not sure I do that, for me its a case of I can't find the right word at the right time, it's on the tip on my tongue .. but my brain can't find it. (Talking to my brother this morning Buzzard was the word .. Buzzard!) Anyway, She said strangely her spelling and maths skills have improved, without doubt mine have deteriorated. I write this blog and check it 3 or 4 times before publishing, I then read it again later and find many a fault .. some I must also miss .. my apologies. Some of my earlier mistakes are no longer present, any word with a double letter confused the hell out of me for a while, for example look would be lokk, took, tokk .. but as I said I don't do that now. Do I? My loss of maths skills became apparent at work when most things needed counting in multiples of three - I could never get past 12, but I did manage to re teach myself my 3 times table whilst driving around North Wales .. it was great with the assistance of my fingers on the steering wheel. Weird isn't it, safe behind the wheel but feck knows what 5 x 3 was!
It's a year today since this photo of Puppy Ross was taken. His breeder shared it in her memories. So chuffed with it, so much promise. I can only hope he comes back to this .. as he should. I'd love a photo of him in stance today but with only us 2 about I doubt it will be possible.. Steve is better than me at most things, but maybe not photography! 
Sammi's not well today, well maybe really she hasn't been right for a few days. She was vomiting froth and grass yesterday and today she's vomited her breakfast. She's very unsettled, pacing around a lot and trying to get more grass to make herself sick. I wondered if it was connected to Asha being sick, but that was almost 2 weeks ago, so I doubt it. She was fine on her walk, but I can't help but think that something hurts, she must be uncomfortable. We'll see what tomorrow brings! 


ian turner said...

poor sammi hope she is feeling better tmoro

Lin said...

Don't know why I didn't comment on this as I read it !!!!!! but caught up now