Thursday, 30 August 2018

Kaiah's Season

Kaiah's season has been going on a little longer than her previous seasons, but nothing like her mother. It's day 19 since we first saw blood and the last couple of days there is change afoot. Loki is now kenneled and Nico is pacing and just a little unsettled. So I guess if I was mating her today would be the day, or maybe tomorrow? I must make a note of it for future reference. We have a show on Saturday and I'll still take her, bitch judging is in the afternoon, the male judging will have been in the morning and she can stay in the van until the boys have vacated the buildings.
Ross has been showing little interest in her throughout the season, preferring to play with Asha or flirt with Sammi. I had just mentioned this to Steve when Kaiah presented her rear end to Ross, tail flagging and Ross decided he would oblige. So now it'll be Kaiah in the kennel and the boys in together. Kaiah will not be amused. Maybe I'll see if I can get her a raw bone or something to entertain herself with. 
Everyone knows how critical I am of my dogs, but I do see the good as well as the bad, so I have to say this again. God this bitch is ridiculously pretty, she epitomises femininity and her cheeky expression, dark head and sparklingly mischievous dark eye do not belie her true personality. After generations of Blanik bitches this is the head I was looking for in a bitch .. only a slightly closer ear set would complete the already beautiful picture. I'm so so chuffed with her, even if she is too clever for her own good and she does constantly take the piss out of me. Never before have I owned a dog that I feel just laughs in my faces when I tell her off, and friends have seen her do it; unless I really loose it, which I rarely do, Kaiah just laughs and get on with life. 

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Lin said...

Sounds like it's not going to be an easy few days !!! and yes I've seen that " laugh " she's such a funny girl xx