Thursday, 16 November 2017

North Wales GSD Critiques

Stanley's Blanik Jeevana, 11 months B & G feminine bitch lovely head, dark eyes, alert, good angulation, firm backline, good reach and drive moved well around the ring. 
Stanley's Blanik Ivana Sh CM 3 and a half years B & G feminine bitch dark eyes, alert,strong neck and firm backline, slightly longer in length than first, but not overlong, good angulation, moved sound well handled.

I must admit I was a little disappointed that a "breed specialist" didn't have more to say .. but then I was a little disappointed in a lot of things that day! 


Lin said...

Still lovely critiques though yes a little brief xx

Tali said...

it's not that they are just brief .. they don't say enough. If you know what I mean!