Friday, 24 November 2017

This House

The house on the hill, where the "Ali Stations" live. It may not be you're idea of heaven, but this house full of life and love is all I need to keep me happy. Your house may have spotless furniture, gleaming skirting boards and crystal clear windows. With every surface clear and clean your house may well always smell sweetly of artificial roses. You are probably very proud to invite you're guests in to see you're spotless room, drink tea from your designer tea set and eat freshly baked cakes. Well I say, good on yeah if that's the way you want to live, live love and be happy.
"In This House"  there's hair on the furniture, splashes of mud on the cupboards, toys all over the floor, soggy carpets and vets beds. The sofa is covered in throws, and often a throw to cover the throws so the dogs can sit where they like. There's cats asleep on the mantel piece, dog towels drying on the radiators and snotty dog nose marks on the windows. There's old dogs asleep on the best seats and young dogs racing in and out and round the chairs. Come in join us have a cup of tea .. you may get a cat hair in your coffee and if you're not on the ball someone female will steal you're biscuit, but if I choose to let in you are welcome! Please don't wear white, or worse still black and don't be offended by inquisitive noses sniffing where they shouldn't. (Time for a rude joke  .. maybe not!) Don't criticise our housework, or lack of it as it's our choice to live this way with our large furry family.  I am sorry about the soggy dog smell but my dogs live life to the full and enjoy their freedom as well as their comfort. You may feel cold as the fire is lit but the door is almost always open! This House full of life, full of love ... a picture of love .. that's this house .. our house!

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Lin said...

And your house is wonderful I love coming in and getting the warmest of welcomes no not from you !!!!!! from all the kids just wonderful even if I do get pinned up against the wall I wouldn't have it any other way, and yes of course I get a welcome from you and Steve x