Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Cwm Dulyn And Everyone's Favourite Rock

I really wanted to get everyone there today. I'm going through a phase of wanting to do different walks, and though they are not aware of it I feel awful when someone misses out. With a little help from Steve (well ok, he did it all!) a partition was put up to block the view between 2 cages. I was then able to take 2 groups in one van ride down to Cwm Dulyn. Yes Nico and Loki grumbled at and growled at each other at having to share the space but it was worth it and took about 40 mins travelling time off the day. So Nico and Jezi in the back, Loki and Kaiah in the biggest crate and Tali behind the drivers seat it was! 
 Tali, Loki and Kaiah
Though Tali as ever was pleased to come I did feel that today, like yesterday she was lacking a little spark. I hope that tomorrow she'll be brighter. 
 Sammi, Ross, Ziva and Asha
I swear I didn't put them there. I just said wait when they went up there as I saw the chance for a photo, so Ziva, ever the poser sat of course! 
Nico and Jezi on the same rock coming from the other direction.
Zooming in but Jezi had gone
Kaiah - well what can I say?

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Lin said...

Glad the partition helped it's going to be so much easier for you . Love the pics as always x