Monday, 27 November 2017

The Weather Man Lied

The forecast today was for a showery morning and a dry afternoon. Though I always prefer to walk in the mornings we had things to do today and opted to do them during the showery morning. As forecast the skies cleared and the rain eased at around 11.30am just as we got home and by 12.15pm I was ready to go out. The first walk was super, clear skies and just a light wind. But on the second walk I got rain, hail and wind. Still it timed it pretty well and the "weather" was all behind me. Walk three was not as successful, I got battered in sleet and hail, the wind hammering it against my face. It was just so painful but of course the dogs didn't give a damn and had a wonderful time. I had to rely on them for most of the time to not disappear as I just couldn't look up to see where they were. On the plus side I didn't see a soul! 

Three headshot of Ross. I like them but they are not what I'm looking for. The best I could do though as attracting by throwing stones and taking photos on my own was quite a job. Here's hoping I get chance to get some .. maybe in the snow forecast up here over the next few days.
Unless the weather man is lying about that as well!!!!

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Lin said...

Sounds like you had all weathers on your walks !!!!!! but lovely pics even in crap weather. I was lucky a few mins after me and lexi got in it pissed down x