Sunday, 19 November 2017

Top Dog

Yesterday we made the trek down to Llandrindod Wells to compete in The Wales Top Dog Of The Year. Well when I say trek, I mean a stunning run down through the heart of rural Wales. God it was even more amazing in Autumn colours. I think the highlight, other than the lovely company, was seeing a flock of Red Kites flying above with some diving down for road kill within feet of the van. God that was some sight!
On arrival in the slightly posh hotel we where greeted with refreshments, a goody bag per dog, a qualifiers rosette and a wonderful coloured catalouge with photo and information of all the dogs who had qualified.
The match was set out as a knock out with your numbers drawn to compete. The only dampener of the day for me was being told instantly by other competitors that Loki would never win his round as the other dog, a Sh. Champion had a well known face on the end of the lead. Sadly they were right, but I'll never know whether it was the face or the dog that beat us! Loki gave a paw perfect performance on the green carpet, but only as I would expect from him, he never lets me down!  I enjoyed the day, being with friends and watching the cream of Welsh show dogs being exhibited and realising that we were part of it .. 2 of my dogs were qualified to compete with the best of the best. Sadly a naked Kaiah was at home but Loki stood there proudly in the ring, the only GSD representing his breed on the day ...  see and be seen!


ian turner said...

i really enjoyed the day and i really felt proud of loki he did brilliant for you .we will have to stop in that chippie again sometime they were beautiful lol

Lin said...

Glad you had a good day and such an achievement to be there well done Loki I just know you looked stunning x