Monday, 13 November 2017

My Puppy's Crying

Over the last couple of weeks Ross' eyes have been watering excessively. I've been bathing them with water and bicab but found little improvement. As I was ranting to Steve that if it carried on then we needed to get him to the vets, a memory of something I's read but not experience came to mind. So I went "googling" and got the conformation I was looking for.
 "Stress Teething in puppies. - As your puppy’s teeth are coming in, you may see excessive tearing. This will probably go away as they complete this growth phase." 
... And the little lad sure has been having a bit of trouble with his toothy pegs too. One puppy tooth was being pushed out by the adult tooth but instead of coming straight out it came sideways through the gum. It was obviously sore, but thankfully it has now gone.
Not long to go young Ross - dentition is usually complete by 6 months. 17 days (ish) to go!

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Lin said...

Awwwww poor baby Ross I's such a shame xx