Monday, 20 November 2017

Seasons, Weather and Walking

Sammi out with Ross
It's day 13 of Sammi's season. Poor Loki is out in the kennel, but thankfully so far Ross seems oblivious. And Nico? well you've heard of "no one puts Baby in a corner?" Well no one put Nico in a kennel either...not if I have anything to do with it anyway.  He does have to spend some time in the crate at the moment, which is also out of his routine, but he doesn't mind that at all. I've no idea how long this season will go on for, Sammi hasn't read the page in Book Of The Bitch where it says bitches are generally in season for 21 days, on her last 2 seasons she's got up to about 30 days.😢 This time she's been spotting blood since early October but really only came into season 13 days ago.
I dread Kaiah's next season, by then Ross will be more aware and Kaiah is his best friend. I fear it may be 2 males in a kennel by then. Of course I've no idea when her next season will be, her first was July and she may go anything from 4 to 12 months between seasons. (Actually Asha did 13 months once!)
Today's walks where strange, looking over towards Anglesey I couldn't see a thing, the cloud/mist was beneath me. Looking in the opposite directions towards the Nantlle Ridge and the cloud/mist was above me. It was so odd, clear where we walked but the view was hidden on both sides of us. Everywhere was so wet, considering it wasn't raining till after 10pm last night and dry before 8am today it must have really peed it down over night. Still the dogs absolutely loved the full ditches and soggy ground. The mist came down over us and visibility became very poor,but as quickly as it came on the breeze it went again and was followed by some very short lived sunshine. I'm trying to walk and appreciate everyday that I can right now as Winter and it's unpredictable weather is around the nearest corner.
Edit to say .. Ticks .. bloody ticks ... it's still not safe in Cwm Dulyn as the dogs have ticks. Not in excessive quantities like before but I've found 4 in 2 days. What's strange is they are refereed to as "sheep ticks" well in 10 years of walking this path I've yet to see a sheep there, just lots and lots of long grass!
 Look Left
The usual view from the Llyn Peninsular to Caernarfon, Holyhead and the Irish sea all hidden by the low cloud
Look Right
Cloud/mist covering most of the Nantlle Ridge
And within no time it was clear .. 
but the light making it look so distant
Clearing towards Anglesey now but beyond still remaining hidden.


Lin said...

Loved the pics and hope it's not too long before it gets a bit calmer at yours xx

Tali said...

It is calm, mild calm and damp...outside. Inside it will get worse before it get's better!!!