Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Kaiah At Rhyl

I quite like this photo that was sent to me of Kaiah at Rhyl show a couple of weeks ago. She's pretty naked there, but you should see her now, maybe not! I think my plan is to keep her out of the ring now till at least January. She has nothing to prove and showing her like this will only do her an injustice. We'll see what's she's like for Manchester Ch. show in mid January. As she's hung onto her coat for so long I do feel this moult will be a long drawn out ordeal, but there we go. We'll give her as long as she needs to get back on form!
I love her unexaggerated lines and balance. She's not over done in anyway but can be stood to suite all rounders as well as breed judges. She moves with great enthusiasm and a super forward reach, and her hind quarters are straight and tidy. She has the most beautiful head and feminine expression with a super dark eye .. and often her cheeky outlook on life comes over in her expression. Kaiah has super colour and a profuse coat .. I just hope that maturity will "fill her out" as it should do. Yeah I'm sure you realise, despite out differences at times I'm pretty made up with my little madam!

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Lin said...

Love the pics she really is a little beauty x