Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Waiting Game Begins ..

.. and today really didn't go to plan.
To be honest with hindsight it felt like a scene from a Laurel and Hardy program. Steve woke up at 4am feeling ill and spent the next few hours in and out of the loo. So when the alarm went off I told him to stay in bed. I had to make sure Kaiah didn't drink or eat as her appointment was at 9.30am. So I let her out with Loki and put his food in the crate ready for him, but with Sammi in season he left it! I heard a noise outside and realised Steve was up, out and had refilled the water bowl. I emptied it and told him with Kaiah having a GA she was not to eat or drink. I turned round to go back in and saw Kaiah had vanished, yes you've guess it, she'd opened the door, gone in and was half way through Loki's breakfast.
So a tantrum or two later and I calmed down and decided on a plan. First of all I had to get in touch with the vets and tell them what had happened. They were great and told me I could take her in later. I arrived at 10.30am and they left her until last giving her time to digest the stolen food. They are so good with me and always allow me to stay with my bitches, I'm even allowed to say if I'm happy with the plates or not. I make no comment on the elbow as I've no idea what I'm looking for and just hope for the best.
My initially thoughts is that the hips look good, but of course how good is now the big question. The right hip seems to have no obvious issues to the layperson, but the dorsal acetabular rim (the edge of the ball) seems less smooth on the left hip and this could pose a problem. (it had to be pointed out to me, but I do see it!) Obviously these are good hips for any dog to live with, but it's wait and see whether they will be good enough hips for a dog to be bred from.
I'm posting on here and telling friends, but not posting on Facebook for the time being.

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Lin said...

To me they look spot on and I'm sure they will have a good score x