Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Memories of Laecor Mikhail

 Blade at 7 months old in 1991
At the time I could never understand why he didn't win at the shows,
to me at this time this dog was perfect. Now I see things differently, this 7 month old puppy was totally out of proportion. An adult size head on a tall gangly puppy with no coat. But in fairness the potential was there, with only his frame to fill he could only get better ...
and that he did!
 1995 and looking super at Ruthin show
Nefyn Show in 1997 and another BOB for Blade. The way I show has also gone full circle. Standing in front of my dog was frowned upon by other GSD exhibitors then, but even then the judges liked it! Knowing what I know now would I go back to "Laecor" to buy a puppy? Hell no, but not for one second do I regret buying this puppy. Our friendship and bond was unquestionable and together we made our mark on the show scene of the 90ies. 
(That's a headless Seffe in the background by the way)

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Lin said...

He certainly was a wonderful boy and privileged to have known and cuddled him x