Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Bad Night

Tali has had a bad night. She had me up three times needing to go out. It was raining so hard that in my nightwear I didn't follow her out, this morning I wish I had. I don't know if she's had diarrhea or not to be honest as the yard is so full of water it's hard to tell. One thing I do know was that she was drinking excessively, and she often does that when she's had diarrhea. At 6am in desperation I decided to give her the metranizadol, she was due them with her breakfast anyway. Wrapped in chicken breast she took them, sadly she had no interest in her breakfast at 8am so I gave her the fish I had prepared her for lunch, she did eat that!
I have to go out this morning, I have a rather unpleasant appointment to attend. I should be back before lunch time .. we'll see how she is and take it from there!

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Lin said...

Such a shame this happens to her but glad she's now feeling better x