Thursday, 30 November 2017

Puppy Poldark Is 6 Months

The months are flying past and Ross is fast growing into a handsome young man.  He came with me with Tali to the vets this morning for a weighs in and he is bang on 30kg. Height wise I make him approx 61cms at the wither, but I'm never 100% accurate on that. Honestly I'm really pleased with how Ross is coming on, but with weight and height absolutely on a par with Loki at the same age I do hope he doesn't quite get as tall. There's no doubt a big dog is impressive but it is a medium size breed and just under 65 cms would suite me fine please Mr Ross. I love his head and naught but kind expression, and my god he's looking so masculine now. I love this conformation in stance, though currently he's a little ungainly on the move. On saying that he is not untidy, he does have straight strong rear pasterns, it just recently I was use to Kaiah who has always been co-ordinated, in comparison he just seems like a big clumsy pup .. well to be fair ..  that he is! Put together as he is I have high hopes he will come together on the move as he matures. Sadly he still lacks coat, well maybe furnishings really. I know there is still time for improvement but we always want more now don't we! 

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Lin said...

Just love these pics of Ross and what a super boy he's turning out to be he looks wonderful x