Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Pwllheli Breed Judge Critiques!

German Shepherd P 1 Stanley, Blanik Jeevana, Sweet little bitch Although very much a baby, moved well in the ring. Lovely shape. Nice head and super length of neck and topline. Good depth to chest and brisket. Very natural on the stand, Really liked this girl. BP.
 O 1 Stanley, Lokean of Blanik ShCM, This dog was free standing and very natural. He stood out in his class. Beautiful head and lovely expression, a nice strong male head. Lovely bone on this dog and overall appearance of strength. Lovely length of neck, good shoulder placement and depth of chest. Lovely angulation and moved well. I loved this boy. BOB. So pleased he did well in group and was Best in show.

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Lin said...

fantastic critiques you must be so pleased x