Thursday, 12 July 2018

Why Do I Bother?

Well because I love them I guess. My dogs sleep on warm vet beds, fantastic stuff for keeping them warm and comfortable, but recently I've been struggling to keep them cool on cotton beds. So when "Hounds Asleep" were advertising new bedding at a special rate I ordered 5. I'd got a new bed from them for Nico at Ruthin show and it was just what I needed. These were smaller at 27" x 37" and 1.5" thick memory foam beds with zipped covers. The special rate mean I got all five posted for £35. Great stuff!
So I wonder if Hounds Asleep will believe me if I send this one back and say it was faulty? Maybe I could convince them it exploded over night? Somehow I doubt it, but young Ross will not be getting another. Actually I'm quite shocked, he's been here nearly a year now and has never shredded a bed before. I can only think that because of the thickness of this bed that he couldn't roll it, and he often rolls his bedding into a lump one side or another of the crate. It's back on a vet bed for Ross!
If I can hear any of you lot laughing I'll be there to sort you out later!!!!!!!


Lin said...

Well you'd better come and sort me out cos yes I'm laughing !!!!! guess he just didn't like it x

ian turner said...

Oops sorry but you just have to HAHAHA OMG that boy always puts a smile on my face sorry rhian lol