Thursday, 5 July 2018

I Had A Dream

Two nights in a row my dreams has been invaded by a kitten .. yes a silver tabby boy. Not like the 2 above who are my ideal, look wonderful and have the perfect marking, the kitten in my dream is a scruffy little guy who looks more like a rescue kitten  and doesn't have the rounded features of the pedigree BSH's. I guess he is just a moggy, more similar, but still not quite the same, as the one below .. maybe one day I'll find him and he'll become part of my life


carrie said...

Have a word with Jackie ~ kittens on the way SOON !! In time for her birthday yestday.

Tali said...

I don't want a Bengal Carrie .. as nice as they are they are not for me.

Lin said...

There's one out there for you sometime !!!! x