Monday, 9 July 2018

Lovely Photo

Beautiful photo, love it, but the effort it took to get it kind of ruins it for me.
Naughty Kaiah wouldn't stay still and when she did either Loki or Sammi looked elsewhere. 
Talking of Sammi, it's been an odd few days with her, but checking the calendar gave me the reasons for the odd behaviour .. Sammi thought she was pregnant. Over the week she had been off her food and digging up her bedding. Yesterday at the show she was fine, though as usual possessive of her things .. that includes the bags, bowls and anything near where we have set up out seats, but last night it all came to a head. When she was suppose to be resting in her crate after her meal she was winging and screaming, very out of character for her. Then when she came into the living room she started digging up the sofa, the throws and cushions flying in all directions. She then got a little more settled but started panting heavily and was even licking her vulva as if she was leaking before birth. Honestly If I didn't know better I would have thought pups were imminent and Sammi surely thought they were on the way. I feel kind of sad for her really, her body has lied to her and now there are no babies. I know from previous experiences with Nikki and Krizzie that I should not pander to her .. the distractions of a normal active life is the correct way forward, but I can't help but think at her next season should I or shouldn't I? 

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Lin said...

Awwwww Sammi Belle hopefully you'll soon be back to normal xx