Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Royal Cheshire Critiques

Really pleased with these critiques for my kids from Judge John Ritchie at The Royal Cheshire County Show 
 1st -Stanley+Bibby Silkenwood Poldark Of Blanik- middle size boy of good overall type and substance , masculine head of correct proportion, dark well shaped eyes, good mouth , ears wide at base and correct size and height , moderate neck, good wither , correct for upperarm and shoulder length and angles, overline good and firm , underline needs to mature , croup good, excellent hind angles , moved soundly out and back and showed enough side gait but sure he could extend a bit more, just at that in-between stage for growth and needs to fill out a bit and mature in body and coat , promising youngster. Res BOB 
1st Stanleys Blanik Jeevana- middel size balanced bitch , correct overall proportions, balanced head , good eyes and ears , moderate neck, upper arm and shoulder ok , legs and feet good, overline firm and good, underline still needing to fill out , moderate hind angles , sound going away tad wide coming on, steady side gait retains her good overline and wither height, in good overall condition.
2nd Stanley Blanik Ivana Sh Cm above middle size feminine bitch of good substance , balanced head, eye colour ok, ears broad and good height , moderate neck, withers ok, front angulation ok, overline ok firm, hind angles ok, tad flat over croup, moved soundly out and back, steady side gait but not quite the fluency of 1 , in good overall condition

Now that is how a judge should write a critique - detailed, honest and straight forward .. I really can't disagree with anything he said other than I don't know how Sammi moved because I was hiding around the corner with Kaiah.  (And to be honest I don't understand what he means on the underline of Ross or Kaiah - I will seek advice!) I tell you one thing had I exhibited him this judge would have no doubt noticed Loki's slightly small ears!

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Lin said...

Wonderful critiques you must be so proud of them well done xx