Monday, 9 July 2018

A Day To Remember???

It was a very early start but a lovely run to The East Of England show yesterday In Peterborough. Seeing the sunrise over the sea took my breath away,I tried to take photos from the moving van, but they did it no justice. On the way down we decided to follow the Sat Nav and went down from the A55 to M56 and M6 but going off at Junctio 16 onto A500 then to Grantham and down the A1 .. sadly we got muddled on way home and found ourselves on the A14, so it was M6 all the way home. That was the route I'd previously followed to this venue but we found the route in the morning much better and much cheaper, less mileage, no £9.60 toll and taking the same time if not less to get there so we'll probably stick to it in future.
It was boiling hot in the show ground but we were blessed to be in a reasonably cool and ventilated room, I must also say that I found the security staff to be so wonderfully helpful. One lady stood by our van as we had to leave the dogs in to go back for the bags. (All doors open of course) It goes a long way when people are just a little bit more helpful than is necessary of them.
It was not the boys best day in the show ring, still I should be glad not to be added to his unnecessary Withheld list of the day! He withheld 2nd in puppy and 2nd in veteran saying they were unsound. Why withhold from a puppy who can only improve and a veteran enjoying his day out? If they had been adults at the top of their game then I's get it. Very unkind in my opinion. Ross left his coat at home and honestly looks a mess, if that had been his reason for putting him second out of two then I'd be quite happy to accept it, but it wasn't! He said Ross was untidy in movement .. Bullshit, no more untidy than any 13 months old would be! Loki as usual did all that was asked of him but somehow managed to be 4th in a class where maybe the last dog should have been first?
I'm not sure if it was a compliment or an insult that the girls fared better, Sammi somehow getting a 3rd in limit bitch and Ian's Bella getting 2nd in PGB. I hadn't even bothered to brush Sammi... lol Without doubt a judge to put on my "never again" list. Not trying to take anything away from the winners but his judging was appallingly inconsistent and I doubt many that were there will have understood what he was doing or what he was looking for.
As ever it was great to see friends from all over the country .. and along with the sun rise and the Red kite that's will give me some pleasant memories of the day ..
No photos in the ring as we had 4 dogs between 2 people. Shame it would have been nice to get photos of the girls ...

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Lin said...

Well done the girls but a long way to go to get a prat of a judge but a nice day out for you all and bet you all had a fun day and you and Ian brought the best dogs home xx